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YHER  a Female-focused program run by YGAP 

Why Do You Give A Damn?

We believe that investing in local impact entrepreneurs will help the anticipated economic growth on the African continent in the next few decades be equitable. One of the best ways to achieve this equitable growth will be to invest in female African entrepreneurs.

We know women are vibrant and vital architects of society.

We know women are the best levers for change in our world.

We also know female entrepreneurs need to be championed.

More women are pursuing entrepreneurship in Africa per capita than anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, they face greater challenges and are more likely to run low-growth businesses with few employees that primarily sustain their immediate families. For this reason, YGAP conduct a continent-wide search to bring together an unrivalled group of 15 African Female Founders for its YHER Accelerator. Founders running high-impact ventures aimed at improving the lives of women and girls.

What do you do?

Our mission is to help local entrepreneurs improve the lives of people living in disadvantage. YGAP believes in backing local entrepreneurs as they are the best positioned to find solutions to local problems.

  • ACCELERATOR A week-long intensive entrepreneurship program designed to fast track your early stage venture.
  • We’ll provide training and mentorship while also connecting you to an inspiring group of fellow female entrepreneurs MENTORSHIP Connection to a network of mentors from across the world throughout the Accelerator week.
  • HIGH-TEA An opportunity for you to network with investors, funders, mentors and supporters.
  • FUNDING Funding is available for the winners of our peer review and audience votes.
  • GROWTH SUPPORT Potential to qualify for Growth support, including ongoing tailored support and grant or investment funding to help scale your venture.
  • COMMUNITY Ongoing connection with our virtual community to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Why Does It Matter?

We truly believe that change is driven by socially conscious businesses and we want to see women running bigger and better ventures.

When it comes to venture capital, women receive only 3–5% of the funding available and less than 5% of venture capital firms are led by women, and the number is even smaller for women of colour.

For female entrepreneurs who are early stage and focus on social impact – the challenge becomes even harder.

We believe backing local entrepreneurs is the most effective, sustainable means of tackling poverty because it redistributes power and choice to disadvantaged communities. These local leaders understand the unique challenges and strengths of their communities and are often much better positioned to identify opportunities to change lives through the establishment of social business opportunities.

YGAP focuses on early-stage ventures that improve access to education or healthcare, create jobs or build safer homes.

Where can you be found 

The YGAP Head Office is in Melbourne, but we run in-country operations in

  • Bangladesh
  • Kenya and
  • South Africa

Websites  YHER  &  YGAP 

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One of our female Entrepreneurs – Peggy Mativo – PACE International 


Founders and Board Members

  • Elena Critchley: YGAP Co-Founder
  • Elliot Costello: YGAP CEO and Co-Founder
  • Aaron Tait: YGAP Chief Impact Officer
  • Adrian Lynch: Senior Associate, Nodco Legal
  • Daniel Madhavan (Chair): Former CEO, Impact Investing Australia
  • David Curtis: Director of Innovation, World Vision Australia
  • Kaitlin Tait: YGAP Impact General Manager
  • Manita Ray: YGAP Chief Operating Officer
  • Marianne Roux: Head of Consulting, Cirrus Asia Pacific.


Ethical Enterprise Award 2015

Rewarding businesses that make a difference

It’s back! The Ethical Enterprise Award is returning for it’s third year in 2015 to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Australia’s most inspirational enterprises – innovative and ethical practices that deliver positive social and economic impact.

The Ethical Enterprise Award is open to any Australian business or organization of any size that delivers innovative, ethical, positive social, environmental and economic impact in local, state, national or international sectors.

“The winner of this coveted award will be publically recognised for its achievements for positive impact and profit as well as win $10,000 in cash to contribute towards their vision for positive change. The winners will also receive business development and promotional opportunities.” said Susanna Bevilacqua, founder of Moral Fairground, award co-founder.

Last year’s winner, Seven Women, is a development organisation which socially and economically empowers marginalised women in Nepal through skills training and employment.

Steph Woollard : SevenWomen : 2014 Award Winner


Stephanie Woollard, founder of Seven Women, was honored to receive the Ethical Enterprise Award in 2014.


“It was fantastic for the Seven Women team both here in Australia and Nepal to be recognised for the impacts we are making. Receiving the ethical enterprise award has given us a platform from which to expand our model of empowering women.”



“The Ethical Enterprise awards were designed to encourage and celebrate innovation and leadership in the sector, help catalyse its development and, ultimately, make the world a far better place,” said Phil Vernon Managing Director, Australian Ethical Investment.

Applications open   To apply: visit

Deadline:  5pm, September 30, 2015

For more information:

Susanna Bevilacqua
Moral Fairground – CEO
T: 0409 943 254

Kirstie Ly
Communications Advisor
T: 0403 385 803

About Moral Fairground:

Moral Fairground is a Melbourne-based social enterprise and organiser of the annual Fair@Square, Australia’s largest ethical and fair-trade festival. Having been operating with the ethical sector since 2009, Moral Fairground’s aim is to create positive social impact by increasing economic opportunities and fairness within society – achievements met by creating avenues for enterprises to become more effective in delivering their social mission. Learn more at

About Australian Ethical:

Australian Ethical is Australia’s only ethical superannuation and investment fund, and invests only in sectors that provide positive, sustainable change for society and the environment. They are the most fossil fuel free superfund and investment fund in Australia and disclose 100% of its portfolio. They do not invest in industries such as tobacco, uranium, coal mining, exploitation of people or old growth forest logging. They are the first publically listed company in Australia to earn B Corp certified status and one of only a handful of organisations worldwide. Learn more at