Ethical Enterprise Award 2015

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It’s back! The Ethical Enterprise Award is returning for it’s third year in 2015 to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Australia’s most inspirational enterprises – innovative and ethical practices that deliver positive social and economic impact.

The Ethical Enterprise Award is open to any Australian business or organization of any size that delivers innovative, ethical, positive social, environmental and economic impact in local, state, national or international sectors.

“The winner of this coveted award will be publically recognised for its achievements for positive impact and profit as well as win $10,000 in cash to contribute towards their vision for positive change. The winners will also receive business development and promotional opportunities.” said Susanna Bevilacqua, founder of Moral Fairground, award co-founder.

Last year’s winner, Seven Women, is a development organisation which socially and economically empowers marginalised women in Nepal through skills training and employment.

Steph Woollard : SevenWomen : 2014 Award Winner


Stephanie Woollard, founder of Seven Women, was honored to receive the Ethical Enterprise Award in 2014.


“It was fantastic for the Seven Women team both here in Australia and Nepal to be recognised for the impacts we are making. Receiving the ethical enterprise award has given us a platform from which to expand our model of empowering women.”



“The Ethical Enterprise awards were designed to encourage and celebrate innovation and leadership in the sector, help catalyse its development and, ultimately, make the world a far better place,” said Phil Vernon Managing Director, Australian Ethical Investment.

Applications open   To apply: visit

Deadline:  5pm, September 30, 2015

For more information:

Susanna Bevilacqua
Moral Fairground – CEO
T: 0409 943 254

Kirstie Ly
Communications Advisor
T: 0403 385 803

About Moral Fairground:

Moral Fairground is a Melbourne-based social enterprise and organiser of the annual Fair@Square, Australia’s largest ethical and fair-trade festival. Having been operating with the ethical sector since 2009, Moral Fairground’s aim is to create positive social impact by increasing economic opportunities and fairness within society – achievements met by creating avenues for enterprises to become more effective in delivering their social mission. Learn more at

About Australian Ethical:

Australian Ethical is Australia’s only ethical superannuation and investment fund, and invests only in sectors that provide positive, sustainable change for society and the environment. They are the most fossil fuel free superfund and investment fund in Australia and disclose 100% of its portfolio. They do not invest in industries such as tobacco, uranium, coal mining, exploitation of people or old growth forest logging. They are the first publically listed company in Australia to earn B Corp certified status and one of only a handful of organisations worldwide. Learn more at

Responsibility In Business: Best Practices and ways to Improve

 Moral FairGround event EXPIRED

Business networking event for leaders and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and discuss their ethical business practices.

Date: 20/05/2015

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Venue: Nest Coworking : 829a High Street :  Thornbury :  Victoria 3071 : Australia

Cost: $20 Adult & $10 Concession/Members

Make your booking here


Veronica Munro of Be Bold Consulting will be discussing and presenting three case studies of responsible businesses:
  • Martin Gleeson of Arktisma, a founding B Corp
  • Ben Burge of Powershop and Meridian Energy Australia;
  • Don Feaver of Branded Trust Assurance Systems

Veronica has a strong background in environmental sustainability. She helps companies adopt socially responsible practices and achieve a return on their investment for the benefit of their workers, community and environment. Veronica is well versed in B Corp certification and Trusted Organisation certification.

Light refreshments will be served, together with a great opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals.




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Geoff Manchester | Intrepid Travel | Conscious Business |TFS013

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Twenty-five years ago, two mates took a bunch of friends and an ex-council truck from Australia and travelled throughout Africa.

This was the germination of Intrepid Travel, a responsible travel business that now has six specialist tour operators and 17 destination-management companies employing more than 1500 staff in 25 offices around the world.

Each year, they take over 250,000 travellers to more than 100 countries on all seven continents.

My guest today is Geoff Manchester, one of the two mates who co-founded Intrepid Travel with the aim of creating experiences that benefit all stakeholders: travellers, staff, communities and the environment.

The conversation starts with Geoff explaining why Conscious Capitalism and becoming a certified B Corp is important to him and Intrepid Travel.

From there, we go on to discuss:

  • How Intrepid Travel got started and what pivoted them towards responsible travelling
  • The four pillars of conscious capitalism:
    • Purpose beyond profit
    • Stakeholder orientation
    • Conscious Leadership: Leading from behind
    • Culture: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
  • Managing people from different countries with different cultures within the Conscious Capitalism framework
  • Recruiting for culture versus recruiting for skill
  • Choosing which social projects to support
  • Partnerships
  • The three main hurdles Intrepid Travel has faced
  • Geoff’s tips for people wanting to start their business as a responsible entity


“The four pillars of conscious capitalism really reflect our business.” @GeoffManchester

“Companies will need to become B Corporations because B Corp certification will assist the consumer to decide who they want to spend their money with.” – @GeoffManchester

“Conscious leadership is much more about leading from behind.” – @GeoffManchester

“Give people the understanding that they can think for themselves.” @GeoffManchester

“Be focused on getting culturally correct people because you can teach them the skills you need.” @GeoffManchester

“Keeping up with the technology involves a huge investment all the time, and it never seems to stop.” @GeoffManchester

“It’s not a matter of going to new countries but a matter of doing new styles of travel.” @GeoffManchester

Episode Resources

Hacks and Insights

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast: if you haven’t got your culture right, you have no hope of implementing your strategy.
  • Think long term – and don’t compromise for the short-term gain.
  • When taking on partnerships, pay attention to the culture and make sure your values are aligned.
  • And finally I really love the research, outlined in book Firms of Endearment, that found conscious businesses significantly outlast and outperform those that don’t adopt these philosophies.

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