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My name is Jess and I run a social enterprise called Ruby Silver that supports the education of women and girls in India. We are connected to Social Traders and Good Spender.

Jess Exton : Co-Founder : Ruby Silver with Gulafsha, Bushra, Muskan, Abdulla and Jupdta

Jess Exton : Co-Founder : Ruby Silver
with Gulafsha, Bushra, Muskan, Abdulla and Jupdta

why I give a damn

I give a damn because the girls that we support give a damn. I’ve known most of the 70 kids at Nav Jagriti NGO in Delhi since 2009 and despite coming from large families where education is not a priority, I’ve seen them fiercely strive to give their all in school. These girls are becoming an inspiration to their families and communities through their dreams to become teachers, nurses, doctors and mothers. The NGO gives them access to school but it is their determination and enthusiasm for life which is why I give a dam about supporting them.

what I do

I co-foundered and manage Ruby Silver, a social business which uses 100% of its profits to purchase and deliver educational resources to NGOs in India. My team and I manage 100% of our supply chain, from jewellery design and sales in Australia to the purchase and delivery of resources to NGOs in India, as requested by them. We aim to show our customers that they significantly contribute to supporting education every time they purchase from Ruby Silver; just 20 sales will purchase a warm blanket each for 63 children, allowing them to sit on the floor to study and to sleep well during winter.

why it matters

Giving girls the chance to attend school is not only important for them, but lifts their entire community. These young women are smart, strong and excited to learn. Ensuring that they are able to complete school and are supported throughout challenges them to dream big and work hard. It matters because these girls are going to be great.

founders names – Jess Exton and I work very closely with my business partner Yogen Kumar


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