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A Divine Story …

Today’s show is a divine opportunity for education and learning as Therese Kerr, the co-founder of The Divine Company, talks to us not just about the business side of things, but also about the power of putting in your heart and soul as a conscious business owner.

Divine by Therese Kerr, is a premium Australian beauty and personal care company where they create, manufacture, and sell certified organic personal care products.

Impressively, Therese is also an ambassador of the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). And yes, she is Miranda Kerr’s mother.

Listen in as Therese shares with us her journey of starting a certified organic business, the challenges that go with it and being the mother of a celebrity, as well as some pieces of advice to aspiring conscious business owners.

Join our chat as we discuss:

  • How Therese’s love for meditation has changed her life big time
  • The growth of the certified organic industry
  • The difference between natural, organic,and certified organic
  • How Therese and Nick Allan started The Divine Company
  • Their goal of creating certified organic products without compromising quality
  • Branding the company: Finding the name, purpose, and vision
  • Bringing together different skills to create a happy family business
  • A walk-through on the packaging of their products
  • Overcoming price objections about certified organic products
  • Avenues they use to educate consumers about buying organic
  • The power of being authentic and transparent and the ability to make informed choices
  • Dancing with chaos: The unexpected challenges they’ve come across as a business:
    • Packaging
    • Labelling
  • Therese’s advocacy for using safer alternatives and the impact of chemicals on nature, our planet, and ourselves
  • Therese’s ultimate tips to leverage yourself as a conscious business owner

Quotes to ponder & tweet:

  • We are much greater than the sum total of ourselves and we have a bigger role than we can ever possibly imagine. @Therese_Kerr @TheToxicFox
  • One of the key things in business is coming to terms with your potential and when you need help to actually ask for it. @Therese_Kerr @TheToxicFox
  • Whatever you do, it’s your choice. But at least you may have the ability to make informed choices for your health and the health of your children and for our planet. @Therese_Kerr @TheToxicFox
  • It’s not just about what you put on our skin, it’s also about nurturing our mind and our soul and our emotions.@Therese_Kerr @TheToxicFox
  • We’re the only species on the planet actively contributing to our own extinction.  #Therese_Kerr  @TheToxicFox
  • We only know what we know. We don’t know what we don’t know. It’s about educating ourselves. @Therese_Kerr @TheToxicFox

[bctt tweet=”There are thousands of chemicals in every conventional product we use. @Therese_Kerr”]

[bctt tweet=”It’s about sharing information, educating, &  giving healthy alternatives. @Therese_Kerr”]

[bctt tweet=”I honestly believe there is nothing I can’t do. We’re limited only by our thoughts. @Therese_Kerr”]

[bctt tweet=”Would we not be wiser to actually allow chemicals to be used only if they were safe? @Therese_Kerr”]

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My Three Top Learnings:

  • Learn to dance with chaos and enjoy it.
  • The team makes a difference. Find people to share your dream and your vision – it’s not just a job they go to daily.
  • Do the research,plan, then put your heart and soul into the business.

The Divine Mantra: As I embrace the riches of nature to quench and nurture my body, I restore myself, my divinity, and the service I am to all that is.

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