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Susanna Bevilacqua, the founder of Moral Fairground, uses events such as Fair@Square, the Fair Trade Festival, the Australian Ethical Enterprise Award, and the Australian Ethical Conference, which promote ethical and Fair Trade enterprises in Australia

Started on a kitchen bench in 2009, Melbourne-based Moral Fairground was inspired by Susanna’s realisation of the impact of consumer choices contributing to the increasing poverty in many countries. Today, Susanna continues to promote Free Trade and ethical business to improve the lives of people and the environment.

In today’s show, we talk about the definition of ethical business, the importance of the Fair Trade system, and take a little peek into Susanna’s personal bucket list.

Join our chat as we discuss:

  • How and why the Moral Fairground started.
  • Susanna’s “aha!” moment that made her realise the impact of her consumer choices on poverty in some countries and her decision to do something about it.
  • How Moral Fairground and Susanna define “ethical.
  • The Fair Trade system and guidelines.
  • What small businesses do well.
  • The power of having an advisory board.
  • How Susanna started her advisory board.
  • The importance of networking and collaboration in growing a business.
  • The role of traditional and social media in Moral Fairground and what works best for them.
  • Looking back, what Susanna would have done differently.
  • The successes they’ve achieved.
  • Why she is so proud of the Australian Ethical Enterprise Award.
  • Susanna’s two-cent advice to an ethical start-up.

Quotes to ponder & share:

“The only way to solve a global issue is through business: not just generating money, but also using it to do everything we can to improve  lives, the environment, and the planet. Susanna Bevilacqua #moralfairground #thetoxicfox

“You can learn something and walk away. Or you can learn something and say, well, I’m now going to try to do something about this.Susanna Bevilacqua #moralfairground #thetoxicfox”

“The ethical business is at the core of what Moral Fairground does, and the reason they do it, is perhaps to help solve global, social, or environmental issues.

“Passion will rub off on other people and will enable you to meet people who will be able to help you. Susanna Bevilacqua #moralfairground #thetoxicfox”

“You need to be financially successful to be able to provide food and support and increase the impact you have. Susanna Bevilacqua #moralfairground #thetoxicfox”

“No small business owner has all the knowledge and skills. You might have the ideas, but to implement them you need help from others.  Susanna Bevilacqua #moralfairground #thetoxicfox”

“Any business starting up today must formulate a social media communications strategy – and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Susanna Bevilacqua #moralfairground #thetoxicfox” 

Episode resources:

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Three takeaways from this episode:

  • Create your own advisory board or group of mentors: they bring independent eyes to review your business, the opportunities and challenges.
  • Networking and collaboration are important tools for getting your message out there.
  • Plan, plan, plan. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, build upon them and have a vision of where you’re heading.

Gratitude – I am very grateful to …


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