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Today’s guest is Malcolm Rands, co-founder of ecostore, a leading New Zealand-based company that offers a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly household cleaning and body care products that are widely available in Australia and other international markets.

Malcolm is also the author of the book “ECOMAN from garage in Northland to a pioneering global brand.”

Influenced greatly by his parents (along with the ‘why not” written on his mum’s car number plate), Malcolm grew up with a business mindset. Today, he is a conscious business owner who continues to bring quality, sustainable products to consumers. An eco-warrior for many years, Malcolm is truly an entrepreneur that gives a damn about the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

Join our chat as we discuss:

  • Malcolm’s strongest influences in his life
  • Ways to transition from your shy self to extrovert
  • His philosophy on business, which he discusses during his TEDx Talk
  • Merging not-for-profits and business together – Can you do this?
  • The “why” behind ecostore
  • How he’s advocating the “no chemicals” campaign
  • Where they manufacture all their products
  • How do they keep being nimble as an organisation?
  • How ecostore inculcates the culture into their organisation – The power of leading by example!
  • The idea behind ecostore’s mission statement
  • How they went about branding the ecostore with black and white
  • What the squiggle represents
  • Why they’re using palm oil in their products
  • How do you know if a product is made sustainable?
  • Coming up with capital as the hardest thing for an entrepreneur when starting up
  • Deciding when and how to reduce their product range
  • The one thing Malcolm knows about business now that he wished he knew when he first started
  • What conscious businesses can do to educate the public about greenwashing
  • Here’s what Malcolm thinks about their copycats
  • Malcolm’s secrets to de-stressing


Twitter Quotes:


[bctt tweet=”If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly. Malcolm Rands @ecostoreAU”]

[bctt tweet=”It’s your transparency and your authenticity which will overcome the greenwashing. Malcolm Rands @ecostoreAU”]

[bctt tweet=”Just get out there and try things. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Malcolm Rands @ecostoreAU”]

[bctt tweet=”A world of good – that’s where we want to live. We want to live in a world of good. Malcolm Rands @ecostoreAU”]

Other Quotes to ponder:


  • Start doing things. You can’t wait for something to happen or for the right moment. Even if you’re not ready, just get out there and do it.” – Malcolm Rands
  • “If you can visualise where you’re like your money to go in the future, it can actually help you stay on track with your business.” – Malcolm Rands 
  • “We are far from perfect but we can put our hands on our hats and so we don’t know a better way to do it yet. But as soon as a better way comes along, boy we’re going to be the first people who would jump on that ship.” – Malcolm Rands @ecostoreAU
  • “Our mission statement… is we want to make it easy and pleasurable for you to make a difference.” – Malcolm Rands @ecostoreAU


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My three top learnings:

  • Love copycats. Copycats show you that you are changing the world and creating an industry.
  • There’s never a perfect time to start. Just do it. Do it now. And don’t wait.
  • Narrow your ideas. make sure your ideas are really focused. Once you really know what you want, you’ll be surprised by the opportunities that turn up

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