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Imagine growing up and being called a double scoop of ice cream with a cherry on top – the cherry being your head?

This is what the kids at school used to call today’s guest, Luke Tan, and it’s one of the many memories that have inspired him on his journey. An obese and sick child, Luke has been to some very dark places, including suicide, but thankfully he chose to change tracks and pursue a career in health and fitness.

Passionate about conscious consumption through plant-based athleticism, Luke – a vegan bodybuilder who has won many competitions – is the founder of three brands:

  • the Awake Method
  • the Evolved Generation
  • Live Green Live Lean

He is also a personal trainer, author, and connector of like-minded professionals.

In 2015, Luke and his wife Emily moved from Australia to Singapore to launch programs to help others in Asia to make a difference to their health through conscious consumption, specifically plant-based consumption.

Join Luke Tan and me as we chat about:

  • What conscious consumption means to him and what conscious athleticism is
  • Leveraging his work through social media
  • His health issues as a child
  • His aha! moment, depression and the effects
  • Why he chose veganism
  • Evolved Generation: a collective of vegan professionals
  • His role in World Vegan Day
  • Partnering with plant-based cafe, Supercharger Emporium
  • AWAKE Method: Awareness, Why, Action, Knowledge, Expression
  • His target market
  • The joys of working in Singapore
  • Business challenges: leading the team and growing his brand
  • The real challenge: quieting the noise and finding what’s important that will move him forward
  • The power of following your heart and focusing on your passion


  • “Believe that you are actually the change and you can create change.” #LukeTan @livegreenlean
  • “We’re living as if we have unlimited resources.” #LukeTan @livegreenlean
  • “In this day and age, this is where conscious consumption really plays a part regarding focusing on solutions rather than problems.”#LukeTan @livegreenlean
  • “Change really starts with what you have on your plate.” #LukeTan @livegreenlean
  • “Our food choices have a direct impact on our long-term health, the environment, and the treatment of animals.” #LukeTan @livegreenlean
  • “More and more doctors in the U.S. are looking at plant-based nutrition as a viable alternative to long-term health.” #LukeTan @livegreenlean
  • “You can not only thrive as a plant-based vegan athlete, but you can really excel and be a competitive athlete as well.” #LukeTan @livegreenlean

Episode Resources:

Luke’s manifesto: we, not I; solutions not problems; collaboration not competition; mindful not mindless; feminine not masculine energy.

Four top insights from today’s episode.

  1. Choose the people you surround yourself with carefully.
    Make sure you avoid the energy vampires.
  1. Turn down the noise that is distracting you.
    Focus on your passion and follow your heart.
  1. Take small steps.
    Celebrate the milestones as each will be a positive reference for your next goal.
  1. BELIEVE. Believe you are the change, and you can create the change.
Luke is an author, coach and vegan athlete that has won international awards. Also the founder of Evolved Generation, the brand strives to promote plant-based health and fitness through conscious athleticism. He specialises in helping professionals achieve sustainable fat loss and long-term health while making a difference.
  • 2015 Crossfit Bukit Timah Games, 1st Place
  • 2015 Plantbuilt Team Captain (Male bodybuilding)
  • 2015 Naturally Fit Games (Austin, Texas), Physique Novice Class, 1st Place
  • 2013 ANB (Victoria) Fitness Model (O30), 2nd Place
  • 2013 IFBB Physique competitor
  • 2010 INBA (Victoria), placed 2nd Runner-Up (Novice) and won ‘Best Routine/ Poser



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image  Courtesy Christian Marc Photography
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