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Promoting health and wellness through good food and cycling, Australian company Bike n’ Blend,employs your pedal-power to make your smoothies.

Founder Leena van Raay spent the first 10 years of her career as a scientist trying to get sick people healthy before making the decision to transition from a research labs and hospitals to focus on prevention rather than cure.

Established in 2011 with a single cycle, Bike n’ Blend today has a fleet of over 25 bikes across three cities, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Basically, the company’s growth has doubled every year, and they’re planning to build another 25 bikes during the next 12 months.

Listen in to learn more about Bike n’ Blend the business; the power of a good team; the importance of getting good systems in place; accountability; the impact of having a mentor; the value of partnerships in business, and more.


Join our chat as we discuss:

  • Leena’s passion for promoting health and wellness
    • Why Leena gives a damn
    • Her dream of 100 percent of people cycling to work
  • The Bike n’ Blend biz
    • Bike n’ Blend pedal-powered smoothies – How do they work?
    • How Leena conceived the smoothie bike business
    • Generating the finances for her business
    • Her first event and how it was received by the public
    • Promoting the health and cycling message
    • How they get more people cycling – festivals and fun runs!
    • How they double their growth every year and measure their success
    • Little awesome winning moments that mean a lot!
  • Putting a good team and good systems in place
    • Staffing as the most challenging part of her business
    • How she put together a great team
    • The importance of delegation
    • Tips for creating good systems and processes
  • The power of mentoring
    • Mentoring as a key part of her success
    • Why and how Leena chose her mentor
    • How the mentoring works
    • Accountability as a critical aspect
    • Leena keeps a default diary – what is it?
    • Why you need to check your email just once a day
  • Partnership in business
    • Guidelines for selecting their partners
    • How Leena reached out to 30 different companies for her event
    • Presenting businesses with two package options
    • Companies using their product as a marketing tool
  • Things they would have done differently in the business
    • Saying “no” to so many ideas they get from other people and just focusing on what wor

Quotes to ponder:

“When you’re happy and healthy, you can just look after all aspects of your life more easily.”

“We really hope it sparks that interest and gets people on their bikes and thinking about cycling more.”

“It feels like you’ve got 20 hats in one day but I learned to delegate really quickly.”

“Whether you’re a team of one or five, get everyone involved in each step.”

“Sometimes it is the right person, but it’s not the right job for them.”

“It’s really hard for the business owner to let go and just trust but as soon as you do, it just works really well.”

“Keep doing what works and it makes you happy and just do more of it. That’s all you need to do.


Episode Resources:

Bike n’ Blend website

Catch ‘em on Twitter @bikenblend

Connect with Bike n’ Blend on Facebook and Instagram

Top 3 Insights – what are yours?

  • Document everything so everyone can be on the same page.
    • Get your whole team involved in the documentation and continuous updating of the manuals.
  • Have a good team.
    • Learn to delegate to your team and learn to really listen to what they say.
  • Set up a default diary to manage your time and
    • only check your emails once a day

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