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Twenty-five years ago, two mates took a bunch of friends and an ex-council truck from Australia and travelled throughout Africa.

This was the germination of Intrepid Travel, a responsible travel business that now has six specialist tour operators and 17 destination-management companies employing more than 1500 staff in 25 offices around the world.

Each year, they take over 250,000 travellers to more than 100 countries on all seven continents.

My guest today is Geoff Manchester, one of the two mates who co-founded Intrepid Travel with the aim of creating experiences that benefit all stakeholders: travellers, staff, communities and the environment.

The conversation starts with Geoff explaining why Conscious Capitalism and becoming a certified B Corp is important to him and Intrepid Travel.

From there, we go on to discuss:

  • How Intrepid Travel got started and what pivoted them towards responsible travelling
  • The four pillars of conscious capitalism:
    • Purpose beyond profit
    • Stakeholder orientation
    • Conscious Leadership: Leading from behind
    • Culture: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
  • Managing people from different countries with different cultures within the Conscious Capitalism framework
  • Recruiting for culture versus recruiting for skill
  • Choosing which social projects to support
  • Partnerships
  • The three main hurdles Intrepid Travel has faced
  • Geoff’s tips for people wanting to start their business as a responsible entity


“The four pillars of conscious capitalism really reflect our business.” @GeoffManchester

“Companies will need to become B Corporations because B Corp certification will assist the consumer to decide who they want to spend their money with.” – @GeoffManchester

“Conscious leadership is much more about leading from behind.” – @GeoffManchester

“Give people the understanding that they can think for themselves.” @GeoffManchester

“Be focused on getting culturally correct people because you can teach them the skills you need.” @GeoffManchester

“Keeping up with the technology involves a huge investment all the time, and it never seems to stop.” @GeoffManchester

“It’s not a matter of going to new countries but a matter of doing new styles of travel.” @GeoffManchester

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Hacks and Insights

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast: if you haven’t got your culture right, you have no hope of implementing your strategy.
  • Think long term – and don’t compromise for the short-term gain.
  • When taking on partnerships, pay attention to the culture and make sure your values are aligned.
  • And finally I really love the research, outlined in book Firms of Endearment, that found conscious businesses significantly outlast and outperform those that don’t adopt these philosophies.

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