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Biodynamic and organic farmer Charlie Arnott has a novel approach to his business and his customer relationships.

He likes to be known as thefeeder who keeps you healthy, and prefers to describe the relationship between farmer and consumer as “feeder and eater”.

Charlie’s presentation regarding the importance of knowing where and how our food is grown and – more importantly – who grows it, inspired the audience attending Sydney’s  2015 Conscious Capitalism Conference. It’s this focus that underpins the Who’s your Farmer? campaign.

Charlie is passionate about helping farmers move away from a commodity-based mindset to achieve greater value financially, socially, and economically for them and their community. In this episode he speaks about this, along with his commitment to connecting the city and country via food, knowledge, and awareness.

Join our chat as we discover and discuss:

  • What Charlie does as a biodynamic farmer.
  • The selection of products available to customers and how he sells this produce.
  • Butcherman, the online meat distribution service connecting customers with local butchers.
  • Charlie’s mission to bring change to the agricultural industry.
  • The turning point to move into biodynamics.
  • The difference between biodynamic, organic, and certified organic.
  • The nature philosophy behind biodynamics.
  • Charlie’s advice to farmers considering biodynamic farming.
  • The importance of having an effective team and how he found the right people for his enterprise.
  • Charlie’s ideal eaters.
  • The concept behind Who’s Your Farmer?
  • Being part of Landcare Australia’s From Farm to Fork campaign.
  • Various training courses Charlie offers:
    • Introduction to Biodynamics course with John Priestly and Hamish Mackay
    • Bio-fertiliser course
  • How Charlie connects the city and country through food, knowledge, and awareness.

Quotes to ponder and share

“When we have an abundance mentality… you tend to attract that certain sort of person.” Charlie Arnott #TFS 

“Working against nature can be really stressful, expensive, and counterproductive. You need a lot of inputs to reverse nature’s progress.” Charlie Arnott #TFS

“I’m on a mission to change the agricultural industry to promote social and cultural and economic change by connecting city people with farming communities.” Charlie Arnott #TFS

“Not only are the [folks] in the city screaming out for NON chemical-laden food… they’re saying, I want good clean, healthy food to feed my family.” Charlie Arnott #TFS

“If we all had a farmer then we probably wouldn’t need to go to the doctor often because the farmer is producing healthy food.” Charlie Arnott #TFS

“If I can connect city and country via food, knowledge, and awareness, my job is done.” Charlie Arnott #TFS

“Now, the biggest challenge in my business is my philosophy that I’m actually growing healthy food to feed people.”

Episode Resources:

Top Three Tips, Tricks & Insights:

  • Skills can be taught. Values and attitudes are harder to align.
    When employing people, take people who are aligned with your attitudes, values, and philosophy even if they don’t have the exact skills you want.
  • Just do it.
    It’s not necessary to have the answer to everything.
  • Take tiny steps.
    Change doesn’t have to come from big steps.

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