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The Slow School of Business…

Melbourne-based The Slow School of Business is a people-powered learning community with a global focus on driving business with purpose. The school seeks to help build purpose-driven and prosperous organisations to collectively make this world a better place.

With more than 14 years business experience, Carolyn has written four books, including Conscious Marketing. She loves to quote that 87% of people are making a ‘dying’ at work instead of a living.”

Today, Carolyn shares with us the school’s strategic transformational learning principles such as learning by doing, how to build a business plan on a tree, and having a deeper understanding of why you are here.

Join our chat as we discover and discuss

  • What is The Slow School of Business? And why it exists!
  • The Slow School collective
  • The school’s five core principles:
    • Courage
    • Consciousness
    • Compassion
    • Connection
    • Co-creation
  • The Power of Conscious Marketing and what it is
  • Carolyn’s journey from following a traditional business model to launching The Slow School of Business
  • The importance of starting your business with an open mind
  • Their biggest challenges in a start-up business
  • Why being naive is great in starting a business
  • The person Carolyn would choose as her mentor – if she could choose anyone.
  • Finally, what’s on Carolyn’s bucket list this year


  • If we don’t change what’s wired in business, in capitalism, in government, and in institutions and hierarchies around the world, then we’re not going to have a future and a planet to live on. @carolyntateco @slowschoolofbiz
  • Have a mind and a business that’s open to everything, that’s scouting for the opportunities, and closed to nothing! @carolyntateco
  • By focusing on purpose and people, and building a product together, you can then build a prosperous business. @carolyntateco @slowschoolofbiz
  • We [@slowschoolofbiz] have a very clear vision of millions of people in businesses working on purpose. @carolyntateco
  • @slowschoolofbiz is a business school that teaches the purpose principles. @carolyntateco
  • What we teach are the human skills that are required to adapt to this volatile and uncertain world. @carolyntateco @slowschoolofbiz
  • We have to unlearn everything we’ve been taught today and learn new ways of being in the world and being in business. Essentially, that is why we – @slowschoolofbiz – exist.  @carolyntateco 

Episode Resources

Three insights

  • Understanding what you don’t do is as important as understanding what you do do.
  • Your business and personal values need to be aligned.
  • Find yourself a community of like-minded people to keep you motivated and inspired.


Have a mind that is open to everything and closed to nothing.

A question for discussion/comment

How do you find the balance between having an open mind to everything and closed to nothing but at the same time, not chase the bright, shiny objects?

Gratitude – I am very grateful to…


Sung by Vince Jones   Old Mother Earth Knows link   Written by Horace Silver

Launching support team:

Timbo Reid | Small Business Big Marketing | twitter @TimboReid

Daryl Missen | LinkedIn  | twitter 


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