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Former paediatric nurse Carolyn Chambers is the founder of fourzero, an Australian company that manufactures clothes for newborn babies from bamboo and organic cotton materials.

The philosophy of fourzero, which is a full licensee of the “Australian Made” campaign, is based on creating comfortable, settling, and safe fabric for babies immediately after birth, a need Carolyn’s identified from the experience and vast knowledge she gained from her decade working as a paediatric intensive-care nurse.

A Fourzero baby wrap was gifted to Prince George by the Queensland government, something that created a surge of demand and publicity for the company at the time.

Carolyn has since relocated to Melbourne whilst manufacturing remains in Brisbane, and today Fourzero is products are available in over 30 stores across Australia.

Join our chat as we discover and discuss:

  • The reason behind Fourzero’s name
  • Carolyn’s transition from paediatric nurse to baby-wear manufacturer
  • Why Carolyn chose organic cotton and bamboo for their fabrics
  • Extending the product life
  • The reason Carolyn decided to build her business in Australia
  • What you need to know if you want to start a manufacturing business in Australia
  • The impact of pricing to her business and her products
  • The different strategies Carolyn uses in promoting her products
  • Twitter’s role in growing Fourzero
  • Building a solid community via social media platforms
  • Carolyn’s use of expos in marketing her products and educating people
  • The Queensland Government’s selection of Fourzero to give a gift to Prince George and the media interest this generated
  • The importance of thanking subscribers and giving them the ability to “unsubscribe”
  • Carolyn’s  Top Tips:
    • Foundation
    • Logo
    • Courage and hard work

Quotes to ponder and share

“I wanted to know WHO was making my product, HOW my product would be made, and I wanted to have control.” Carolyn Chambers #TFS

“It doesn’t matter how stringent you are in your sourcing (of materials and manufacturing), there will be loopholes if you can’t see it firsthand.” Carolyn Chambers #TFS

“While Fourzero is a premium brand, it is attainable in every level to every customer.” Carolyn Chambers #TFS

“I want the manufacturing process to be open and honest as that’s how I speak to my customers.” Carolyn Chambers #TFS

“Your logo is the most important piece of intellectual property you own.” Carolyn Chambers #TFS

Episode Resources:

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Three Take Outs 

  • Make sure you’re talking with the people who want to hear from you.
    Don’t be afraid to cull your database if they’re not responding.
  • Business plans are essential for getting you to where you want to be.
  • Don’t underestimate your logo.
    The logo is critical intellectual property as it tells the story of your brand.

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