Happily Made Monkeys Employ Cambodian Women To Empower

Veronica Sherman employs women in Cambodia to create social change



I design gorgeous products that are ethically produced in Cambodia. I then sell them over here in Australia. I am hoping to expand to Bangladesh & India.



I lived in a Cambodian village for over two years and had front row seats to the poverty over there. I could see so clearly that aid & charity just keeps women poor and ethical business is such a powerful way to create social change.


Why does it matter?

 The most exciting part for me is the fact that we now have a scholarship fund attached to the community project as well. This means that we are able to pay for the women’s children to go to school by providing them with the school books, uniforms and English tuition. That is where the long term change will happen because education is key for these kids to break out of the poverty cycle.
I decided to create the crowd funding page as a way for people to participate in what I’m doing. I know there have been many times in my life when I haven’t been able to be the one to actually go and do something, but I’ve been able to take part by supporting from back home. In order to be more effective in what I do it’s important that I am able to add more products to my range of handmade goods and that requires extra money to get the production happening. The best part about the crowd funding is that everyone wins since each ‘donation’ comes with an award.