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Paul Hellier Founder (Food Forager) with Costa

Why do you give a damn?

I have always loved to travel, see amazing places, particularly natural environments with incredible landscapes, plants and animals. I believe it is our responsibility to look after our world and at the very least, not make it worse than it was before we came.

The environment and the plants and animals in our world provide an amazing service to us, (too many to list). Through activities like surfing, skiing, diving and camping we find escapes from our sometimes routine and structured lives, and so it only makes sense that we protect it. Not to mention the millions of other reasons we need a healthy environment.

I now want to do everything I can to leave the planet in a better state than I found it and do what I can to feel that I am part of the environment, not something separate to it.  Interact, and help others do the same.

What do you do? 

My background is in restoring natural environments, and now I am looking for ways to help others live more sustainable lives, one little action at a time.

I founded Fair Food Forager, the app and website to highlight great food businesses being more ethical and sustainable.  We tell their stories and help consumers find and support them so they too can feel good about their daily actions.

We “make ethical easy”, and together we can make the change.

Why does it matter?

Food contributes to many issues facing our planet, and many of these issues have simple solutions. I believe all we have to do is support the people already running with these simple solutions and not the ones who aren’t. Everyone eats, and the food is one way that we can have a massive collective and positive effect on the planet if we contribute in small ways.

It can be difficult not to feel down sometimes about the state of the environment and what humans have done to it. However, I think we can be hopeful, and people all over the world are living more sustainably and educating others as they go.

Let’s give hope and talk about what we can do, not what we have done. Let’s work together and repair things. Most of it is not rocket science after all.

Founder: Paul Hellier pictured on the left above


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