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Clare Voitin The Providore, Swan Bay Farm and Scarvelli Cafe

Clare Voitin The Providore, Swan Bay Farm and Scarvelli Cafe

Why I give a damn?

We’ve experienced many peaks and troughs through our farming endeavours. I’ve found a purpose and greater understanding of our natural world, as well as an appreciation of the trials and tribulations endured through farming and primary production.

To see and experience first hand the challenges faced, I’ve discovered that my connection firsthand with the land and the city has given me the opportunity to have a voice and share what I believe is important for consumers to hear.

We only have one world to live in – it’s well and truly time for us to take much better care of it. It’s no longer about us, but about the future, and the generations to come.

Why I do what I do?

At Swan Bay Farm, I’ve discovered a passion for growing food. It’s what I love – it gives me energy and purpose and a sense of achievement every time I harvest our own grown organic ‘real food’. I’ve also seen how strongly this experience of food growing can impact on a child.

Why it matters?

We have become so disconnected with the foods we eat, yet it’s such a fundamental resource. We should be committed to keep these basic skills alive through our kids and for future generations. Growing food encourages a connection with nature, inspires creativity, increases physical activity and reduces stress. To share this experience with children is a most precious gift.

Founder Clare Voitin:  Scarvelli Cafe & Swan Bay Farm & The Providore


Clare Voitin and family @SwanBayFarm

Clare Voitin and family @SwanBayFarm precious to her world

photo 1: Jason Malouin     Photo 2:  Beth Jennings     Photo 2: Julie Renouf



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