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The environment is a major passion
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Meet social entrepreneur & founder : Steve Morriss, Circular Food

Why I give a damn:  I read a relevant ancient Chinese Proverb just this morning –

“if we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”

For the population of earth, where we are headed is not a prosperous future. Something needs to change. Circular Food is part of this change.
We give a damn because we want a bright future for generations to come. We give a damn because we want to “sit on our rocking chairs” at the end of our lives and feel good about being part of a solution, rather than resigning ourselves to the fact that we are the problem. We give a damn because without a healthy planet, what else is there to strive for?

What we do: Circular Food is a startup social enterprise, with the intent of reducing organic waste and improving soil health.

We take in organic waste (primarily food waste), blend it with other products such as organic compost, and process that waste through commercial scale worm farms to produce a high-quality organic fertiliser.

This fertiliser consists of essential elements for healthy soil, in a readily available form for plants.
Right now, we collect all of the food waste from a local Turkish restaurant, making it (as far as we know) Melbourne’s only zero food waste restaurant.

Why it matters:  Soil health is an extremely important issue for the world. Farms globally are under immense pressure to feed a growing population. For this reason, the use of chemical fertilisers has become a vicious cycle which farmers simply cannot financially afford to break. Unfortunately, the result of this continual chemical use is eroded, nutrient depleted soils, which cannot sustain growth on its own. This is not how nature intended it.

Food contains all of the nutrients needed to produce another plant. Food waste sits in landfill and rots, releasing harmful methane and CO2 emissions, when it should be back on the soil replenishing it for the next crop. Circular Food is restoring this natural cycle, by turning organic waste into a plant ready fertiliser.

We supply urban gardeners, hobby farmers, hydroponics growers and commercial farms.

Founder:  Steve Morriss. The founding team includes Chloe Morriss and Robert Scherini, as well as a team of other supporters.

Based: Melbourne, Australia. Our factory is in Somerton, north of Melbourne.

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How to get in touch |  Circular Food Website  | Facebook 

#TDI #TwoFeet   TDi has been a huge learning opportunity for all of us. When we started the Circular Food journey, we didn’t identify as a social enterprise.

Now we wear those colours with pride.

The TDi team, as well as our fellow two-feeters, have helped us to define our business and our intent.



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