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IG IGD The People’s Fabric Weaver

My name is Ali and my social business, The People’s Fabric.

I give a damn because I’m not sure how not to give a damn. I used to think how easy life would be to turn a blind eye on injustices in the world however I have only been fulfilled by the people I have met on this path, who continually inquire, consider and unapologetically take action for what they believe.
What do you do 
I founded The People’s Fabric, sourcing traditionally woven fabrics through women’s economic empowerment programs in West Borneo and incorporating them into my own line of ethical homeware products such as cushions and throws. Each piece is accompanied by a profile of the weaver and an outline of the woven motif’s meaning in Dayak culture.
Why it matters
In partnership with a women’s weaving cooperative and a not-for-profit organisation, we provide pathways to financial independence for women through initiatives such as communal savings groups. Not only does this provide women and their families with a more sustainable income, it also means they are less likely to rely on other sources of income that may degrade the environment, such as work in logging, palm oil and animal trafficking.
Founder: Ali Capp