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Whole Kids was the first Australian brand to sell certified organic snacks for children, providing parents with healthier options, no artificial ingredients and real, honest good food for their kids.

Since its’ inception in 2005, Whole Kids has become certified as B Corporation and now they are in their second term of accreditation following a rigorous onsite audit last year. The Company’s purpose is to create healthy food options for healthy kids while sustaining a healthy world.

Join James and I as we discuss:

  • Why the couple felt that the corporate world has become so disconnected from their own business goals & values – other than just their bottom lines.
  • The inspiration behind Whole Kids, and its’ business values.
  • How engaging with their target market from the get go helped them gain the confidence to start.
  • The importance of becoming Certified Organic and B Corporation.
  • How they have maintained a strong partnership at work and at home.
  • The key to forming a creative, dedicated and value driven culture.
  • Aligning their business with suppliers and manufacturers that have the same social and environmental values.
  • Why outsourcing their warehouse and logistics operations, allowed their business to grow.
  • Taking on the top dogs and standing for what is right.
  • Unjunkit: reconnecting kids with nature.

Quotes to ponder and share

Let’s make organic kid’s food. Make it as healthy as we can and build a business that is transparent, it’s value driven, and it has a purpose beyond making money. #wholekids @_JamesMeldrum


There is life beyond money.  @_JamesMeldrum #purpose #BCorp #family #wholekids

We all should be eating organic food – especially (for) kids and babies.   @_JamesMeldrum

Now we will not recruit for a role if we don’t find the right values and culture fit first. #wholekids @_JamesMeldrum

How can we make healthier, better products, which is what we’re all about, and make more impact in the community? #wholekids @_JamesMeldrum #Bcorp #organic

If you don’t understand something, if you don’t connect with something, then you won’t care about it. #unjunkit @_JamesMeldrum

There is not enough regulation, in our view, around when and how food should be marketed or even promoted at all to children, and in what circumstances and environments. #unjunkit @_JamesMeldrum

 My three top learnings:

  1. Ensure you get your purpose and values right on the inside first. Embed them into all your internal policies and procedures in order to create a strong culture.
  2. Really focus on people. If the right people are on board, who share the same values, it will do amazing things for your business.
  3. Shout your business purpose and what you’re all about from the rooftops. Be confident and proud of your values and what you stand for.

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