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Alexx Stuart is a speaker, author, motivator, and someone who loves to help people.

Over the past 20 years, she has worked in a diverse range of fields including cosmetics, singing, hospitality, bartending (becoming Australia’s best female bartender), management, until finding her niche as a conscious-business owner and feeling that fire in her belly. Using her blog, Alexx lives her passion by helping people create low-tox lives.

(apologies upfront – a couple of sections of this conversation are a bit disjointed as we had technical issues and these had to be edited out)

Join our chat as we discover and discuss:

  • Lessons she’s learned from her diverse career and establishing a luxury-events business
  • Alexx’ lightbulb moment for starting her blog
  • How to make money being a blogger
  • How to build your tribe.
  • The importance of creating products for customers first versus finding customers for your products
  • The social media channels that work for Alexx
  • The importance of disconnecting from social media
  • The power of consciousness when balancing your personal life and career
  • Why taking a break between 11am-2pm is important
  • Things Alexx would have done differently along the way
  • What has worked well for Alexx in her business
  • Who Alexx would choose to be her mentor and why
  • Profit + purpose as the greatest business combination
  • Her advice to having a healthier life:
    1. Go back to nature!
    2. Detox your mind.
    3. Get earthed.

Quotes to ponder & share:

“I love the transformation journey and this is something I’ve always been a bit nerdy about.” Alexx Stuart #TFS

“Why are we feeding our kids out of plastic pouches? None of it makes sense. “Alexx Stuart #TFS

“Once you have a tribe, a bunch of people who really get what you’re about, trust you, and understand that you want the best for everybody in that tribe, then you can create products for them and it’s effortless.” Alexx Stuart  #TFS

“You’ll run out of juice pretty fast if the way you’ve said you’re going to help people is not directly in line with your values and the fire in your belly.” Alexx Stuart #TFS

“If you’re always helping people then you will have success because if you help successfully, that is success!”  Alexx Stuart #TFS

“Don’t be afraid of the fact that your business is not going to be helping everybody.” Alexx Stuart #TFS

It’s not about work-life balance: “If you get it right, work is an integral part of your whole life.” Alexx Stuart #TFS 

“Having finance and business behind you just allows you to make the actioning of those ideas a lot more powerful. ” Alexx Stuart #TFS 

“Taking the time to prove you don’t want anything out of this other than to help people, gives you just such a great authentic boost. ” Alexx Stuart #TFS

“The most powerful thing you can do in business is, be obsessed with how you can directly help people.”  Alexx Stuart #TFS

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Three Take Outs:

  • Be obsessed about knowing who your tribe is.
    Communicate and listen to what they have to say.
  • If you’re a profit-with-purpose business, you’re on the right track.
  • Understand your figures and numbers and always be on top of them.
  •  When you think of your tribe or you receive trollish comments, remember to reference Seth Godin.
    “People like us, do things like us.” Don’t be afraid to really focus on your niche.

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