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Why I give a Damn Jane McLeod

Introducing Jane Macleod and family

Why I give a damn:  I don’t want to my children to go through the suffering of an auto-immune disease like I have. I want to teach them by being a good example of how we can live a healthy and happy life by respecting and living close to Mother nature.

What I do:  I hire Eco-friendly wooden toys to my local town of Ballarat and sell them online Australia wide.  I also love to inspire other Mums to reduce the toxins in their family’s lives in easy, actionable and affordable ways.  I have also discovered that one of the most toxic things to a human is a negative thought and love to spread this message! In the future, I plan to help other Mum’s set up their own wooden toy hire business so together we can make wooden toys the norm again! #saynotoplastic.

Why it matters:  Our heavy use of plastics is having a detrimental effect on our health and the health of our planet. Wooden toys do not contain BPA, phthalates or heavy metals such as lead and mercury which can be found in varying amounts in plastic toys. These toxins have been linked to cancers, obesity, lower IQ and behavioural problems to name just a few!

Founder:  Jane McLeod

Mr Kipp and little Jimmy Eco Toy Hire and sales




Ed Im Mr Kipp wooden toy hire flatlay

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