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Meet Felicia and Lenny – Kisaku 

Why we give a damn

We founded Kisaku with two objectives in mind. Promote the tradition and assist the artisans.  We wish to promote and raise awareness of Indonesian rich culture and heritage. While we have lived away from home for more than 15 years, we can’t wait to introduce Indonesia’s rich culture to the world. Especially as we see that the age-old traditions have nowadays been creatively reinvented and transformed into modern everyday wear and creations. We also wish to assist the artisans and craft makers in Indonesia to gain access to skills-enhancing education. We believe that each and every one of us has a responsibility to take part to shape the future generation. At the same time, we also hope to support the community and preserve the tradition and heritage. We believe that the world will be a much better place if we all strive toward helping one another

What we do

Kisaku is an online store for Indonesian artisans and craft makers to showcase their tradition-inspired and heritage-infused fashion collections. We hope to provide them the access to the global market and help them reach a wider customer base who values fair trade products created ethically in a sustainable way.

Kisaku is derived from the Indonesian word “Kisahku” which means “My Story”. We are all about prints and patterns that carry with them stories of yesteryears told from generations to generations, creative and indigenous designs that accentuate our personalities and we’re all about lending a hand to the future generation who will keep our stories going.

At Kisaku, we work with passionate Indonesian designers and artisans specialising in crafting batik and other tradition-inspired /heritage-infused fashion collections. Our partners are exclusively selected for their commitment to quality and their passion for the culture, heritage and tradition. Their designs and creations are curated with love with detailed intricacies and full of meaning. They are also chosen for their ingenuity in crafting the fabrics and materials into modern wear to bring only the best for your next statement piece.

For every purchase through Kisaku, we set a part of our profit toward a MicroEduLoan that will allow the creative talents to access skills-enhancing programs.

Why it matters

We are confronted with the ugly truth – heritage will die and the tradition will be extinct if we don’t do anything.

More and more traditional craft makers are deciding to stop using their craft and traditional techniques, such as hand weaving and natural fabric dying, to create products, due to numerous factors. Most of these handmade and traditional crafts take a long time to create and are slowly replaced by mass production. Minimal insights into what products will appeal to the wider market, especially the younger generation, result in products being undervalued by the customers. Lack of access to broader marketplace also results in limited possibilities to sell their products. All these factors combined slowly push the artisans and craft makers to leave the industry, taking along skills, techniques and stories that were passed down from generation to generation.

Founders: Felicia and Lenny




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