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Good Facilitators Are Worth …

When was the last time you were in a room with an incredible facilitator?

Think about it.

It is rare to see someone facilitate a group well.  

Without realising it, as changemakers and leaders, you often find yourself facilitating meetings, processes, activities and teams. Are you the fabulous facilitator you want to be?

Do you get the results you want?  Is there room for improvement? Do any of these apply to you?

  • You want to lead a team to achieve their purpose
  • You want to facilitate more effectively
  • You want to understand group dynamics
  • You want to be a better member of a group, yourself
  • You want to build collaborative teams
  • You have never had formal facilitation training

If so,  it is time to book into The Art Of Facilitation programme.  It is a practical, experiential course where you will develop the skills and ability to facilitate any group to meet its purpose.

This experiential programme will introduce you to attitudes, develop your personal qualities and give you a presence that distinguishes a person-centred facilitator, grounded in place, space and grace.

You will be coached and receive feedback from programme leaders and the other group members as you facilitate the group.

Over the five day course, you will learn 

  • to understand group development cycles and the role of the facilitator
  • to clarify, identify and create a group purpose
  • to build a safe and empowering group culture
  • the whole personhood approach and, be present to yourself, others and the group
  • to practice a range of interventions, processes and techniques
  • to be comfortable with a wide range of behaviours
  • to effectively handle conflict for the development and benefit of the group
  • to recognise and work with different energy levels in yourself, others, and the group

Are these some of the facilitation skills you would like to further develop? If so, register or email the programme leaders Simone to find out more or go to the website.

The nuts and bolts – each day there will be

  • Topics to study and discuss
  • Sessions to facilitate
  • “In the Moment” coaching
  • Self, peer and programme leader assessment
  • Experiential challenges, and
  • Homework which will include core readings and preparation for your facilitation sessions

Level: beginner to experienced (particularly if you have no formal training or experience with the Zenergy Facilitation Methodology). By the end of the course you will have developed your confidence and facilitation skill set to be truly effective and impactful.

The practical details   

See the website for  Location  | Dates | Trainers

Price:  includes refreshments, a copy of the Art of Facilitation and a comprehensive programme manual. Credit cards are accepted.


We know that not everyone can afford the full price, but it’s important to us that no one should be disadvantaged because of the cost. That’s why Zenergy Global offers a scholarship scheme, discounts for NFP Community Workers, new startups, and the normal discounts for you’d expect for students, people on pensions, disability discounts etc. Basically, if you want to come, and need some support, get in touch and we’ll do what we can to get you in at a discount of some sort.

To talk about possible discounts: Get In Touch

Still thinking about it?  Read comments from past participants


“Thanks for inspiring this one awesome facilitation buddies ? the prickle zone article”  Ash Buchanan, Director of Benefit Mindset


“The programme made it possible to go on a very special journey with a group of colleagues and come out not only achieving our purpose, but gaining some powerful insight about each other and ourselves”  Ryan DeBruyn, Visa Business Banking Consultant


It’s hard to completely capture the magic that happens at Zenergy in words.  Apart from providing a comprehensive and dynamic set of skills that can be put into practice on a personal and organisational level, Zenergy goes above and beyond the ordinary.” Sina Saffari


What I found valuable was seeing conflict as an opportunity to move the group forward, the focus on purpose and culture, and the importance of checking in.”Sarah Finlay, Auckland Council


“The passion, committment, intent and purpose bringing experience, focus and momentum to the workshop whilst capturing (intuiting, thinking, feeling etc.) and promoting the potential energy and richness within the group. this created a warm, challenging and life changing learning and experience. Most powerful course I’ve ever participated in.” Ross Campion, QuestCoach, London


Read the book –

The Art of Facilitation by Dale Hunter

Register for one of the remaining available places.

The Art of Facilitation is the first stage of the Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation.

Creating sustainability from the inside out


“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our stories is the bravest thing we will ever do.” Brene Brown


Dr Linda Wilson photo credit: Beth Jennings

Why I give a damn: I give a damn because I have people contacting me every day about the toxic environment they have inside themselves. Old emotions, patterns of behaviour, resentments, guilts, hurts, regrets, etc. They know these emotions no longer serve them but cannot seem to shift. I give a damn because I have seen these same courageous people change their inner environment and blossom. This then transforms the environments around them, at work, at home, socially. When we deal with ourselves, everyone benefits. In this space, I can make a difference, and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to do so.

What I do: I am a corporate wellness consultant and stress management specialist helping individuals use their minds to change their brain. This includes the latest neurological research and a deep understanding of how we learn. It is a wholistic approach to creating sustainability. Sustainability is what we as individuals and businesses need to survive – as are flexibility and creativity. We access these things through a relaxed mind. I do this through corporate training, mentoring, private consulting, through my book ’Stress Made Easy – Peeling Women off the Ceiling’, through my wellness practice in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and on my weekly radio show.

Why it matters: The only place we have any true power or control is right here, right now within ourselves. Imagine the difference we could make to the world if the best version of ourselves showed up in every situation.    It matters because when we bring more of our healthy, happy, creative and productive selves to the table what we create are happy, healthy and creative homes, workplaces and communities. There is no more blame, just taking responsibility and creating change where it is needed.

Founder Dr Linda Wilson

Where to find Linda   Website  | Email  |  Facebook | LinkedIn

#makingselfcareeasy   #itssafetoletitgo   #changeyourmindtochangeyourbrain



pst…  if you would like a free copy of Daniel Priestley’s book  Key Person Of Influence  here’s the link

Say No To Plastics : Eco Toys Healthy Lives

Inspiring Profiles

Why I give a Damn Jane McLeod

Introducing Jane Macleod and family

Why I give a damn:  I don’t want to my children to go through the suffering of an auto-immune disease like I have. I want to teach them by being a good example of how we can live a healthy and happy life by respecting and living close to Mother nature.

What I do:  I hire Eco-friendly wooden toys to my local town of Ballarat and sell them online Australia wide.  I also love to inspire other Mums to reduce the toxins in their family’s lives in easy, actionable and affordable ways.  I have also discovered that one of the most toxic things to a human is a negative thought and love to spread this message! In the future, I plan to help other Mum’s set up their own wooden toy hire business so together we can make wooden toys the norm again! #saynotoplastic.

Why it matters:  Our heavy use of plastics is having a detrimental effect on our health and the health of our planet. Wooden toys do not contain BPA, phthalates or heavy metals such as lead and mercury which can be found in varying amounts in plastic toys. These toxins have been linked to cancers, obesity, lower IQ and behavioural problems to name just a few!

Founder:  Jane McLeod

Mr Kipp and little Jimmy Eco Toy Hire and sales




Ed Im Mr Kipp wooden toy hire flatlay

pst…  if you would like a free copy of Daniel Priestley’s book  Key Person Of Influence  here’s the link

Event: treeHIVE: Unplug & Discover Wellbeing


UNPLUG from work for a day, journey into nature & discover welling within.

Crazy busy at work? Struggling to keep up? Feeling exhausted?

For many people work means dealing with high stress, a big workload, long hours, challenging relationships and tight deadlines. Even if you love  your job, no one is immune to the impacts of stress.

Become the master of your wellbeing at work

At treeHIVE you’ll discover how to build resilience and sustain wellbeing, so you can thrive at work in good times and bad. You’ll get time to rest and  recharge, supported by transformative knowledge and experiences that equip you to feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled at work.

The day includes time outdoors enjoying the forest, wildlife and fresh air, with experiences to help you tap into the power of nature for reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing.


Date:   27 April 2016
Start Time:    9am
End Time:     5pm

Details of the Venue:   Amarant Retreat
Amarant Retreat rests in 25 acres of magical temperate-rainforest on Mount Ben Cairn in the Yarra Ranges National Park, 70km north east of Melbourne. We are extremely privileged to have access to the eco-designed retreat centre with it’s hillside views, overlooking the surrounding gardens and native forest. Amarant is literally a hidden natural sanctuary just 1 hour’s drive from Melbourne, and for one day we will make this place our home.

Venue Address:  1475 Don Rd, Don Valley
Bookings:  https://treehive.eventbrite.com.au/
Organiser: Michael Norton
Mob: 0402 280 349
Cost:  Tickets start from $177

Website: http://www.odysee.com.au/


Talk on Purpose Graduation

Event: Masterclass: Lead with Humour

Why Do I Give A Damn – Michelle Monk – Animal Physiotherapist

Inspiring Snippet

Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation

Because I believe the bond between a dog and owner is sacred, and  once you have experienced this – itsa love like no other. When our dogs are injured or sick, its soul destroying.  We feel helpless and responsible and just want them to get better

Why do I do what i do? Anything I can do to nurture this bond – by providing physiotherapy to the dogs and helping the owners to get their dogs back on track.

Michelle Monk
Animal Physiotherapist

Responsibility In Business: Best Practices and ways to Improve

 Moral FairGround event EXPIRED

Business networking event for leaders and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and discuss their ethical business practices.

Date: 20/05/2015

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Venue: Nest Coworking : 829a High Street :  Thornbury :  Victoria 3071 : Australia

Cost: $20 Adult & $10 Concession/Members

Make your booking here


Veronica Munro of Be Bold Consulting will be discussing and presenting three case studies of responsible businesses:
  • Martin Gleeson of Arktisma, a founding B Corp
  • Ben Burge of Powershop and Meridian Energy Australia;
  • Don Feaver of Branded Trust Assurance Systems

Veronica has a strong background in environmental sustainability. She helps companies adopt socially responsible practices and achieve a return on their investment for the benefit of their workers, community and environment. Veronica is well versed in B Corp certification and Trusted Organisation certification.

Light refreshments will be served, together with a great opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals.




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featured image by Javier Calvo