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Good facilitators are worth their Salt



When was the last time you were in a room with an incredible facilitator?

Think about it.

It is rare to see someone facilitate a group well.  

Without realising it, as changemakers and leaders, you often find yourself facilitating meetings, processes, activities and teams. Are you the fabulous facilitator you want to be?

Do you get the results you want?  Is there room for improvement? Do any of these apply to you?

  • You want to lead a team to achieve their purpose
  • You want to facilitate more effectively
  • You want to understand group dynamics
  • You want to be a better member of a group, yourself
  • You want to build collaborative teams
  • You have never had formal facilitation training

If so,  it is time to book into The Art Of Facilitation programme.  It is a practical, experiential course where you will develop the skills and ability to facilitate any group to meet its purpose.

This experiential programme will introduce you to attitudes, develop your personal qualities and give you a presence that distinguishes a person-centred facilitator, grounded in place, space and grace.

You will be coached and receive feedback from programme leaders and the other group members as you facilitate the group.

Over the five day course, you will learn 

  • to understand group development cycles and the role of the facilitator
  • to clarify, identify and create a group purpose
  • to build a safe and empowering group culture
  • the whole personhood approach and, be present to yourself, others and the group
  • to practice a range of interventions, processes and techniques
  • to be comfortable with a wide range of behaviours
  • to effectively handle conflict for the development and benefit of the group
  • to recognise and work with different energy levels in yourself, others, and the group

Are these some of the facilitation skills you would like to further develop? If so, register or email the programme leaders Simone to find out more or go to the website.

The nuts and bolts – each day there will be

  • Topics to study and discuss
  • Sessions to facilitate
  • “In the Moment” coaching
  • Self, peer and programme leader assessment
  • Experiential challenges, and
  • Homework which will include core readings and preparation for your facilitation sessions

The practical details

Join the programme leaders  Simone MausLaurel Freeland and Akasadaka Robison for five days in Melbourne at CERES Community Environment Park from 5th to 9th March 2018.

By the end of it you will have developed your confidence and facilitation skill set to be truly effective and impactful.

The programme will run from

Day one: 10 am to 5 pm,

Days two- four 9 am to 5 pm, and

Day five: 9 am to 4 pm.

Your investment for everything is only $2510+gst, which will pay for itself many times over.

This includes refreshments, a copy of the Art of Facilitation and a comprehensive programme manual. Credit cards are accepted.

Book your place risk free with the 100% money back guarantee

You can book your places with complete peace of mind knowing that they will take all the risk. That’s right, book your place now, attend the programme and for any reason, you are not satisfied, simply contact one of the Programme Leaders at the end of day one and you will be given a full refund. No risk, no fuss and no hard feelings. Is that fair?

Three easy ways to book your place

  1. Simply call +61 481 296 728 and to reserve your place by phone or discuss any queries you have
  2. You can email your booking to simone@zenergyglobal.com
  3. You can go to our website and register  online
    You will receive full details, a tax invoice and confirmation of your booking by email.

There are limited places so book your now to avoid disappointment.  Simone, Laurel and Akasadaka look forward to meeting you in person and sharing the experiential learning with you.

If you decide to book your places within the next five days (ends 9/2/2017), you will receive the following bonuses.


• Early bird discount extension (saving $250)


• You can bring a colleague or a friend for 1/2 price (saving $1255)


Still thinking about it?  Read comments from past participants


“Thanks for inspiring this one awesome facilitation buddies 😊 the prickle zone article”  Ash Buchanan, Director of Benefit Mindset


“The programme made it possible to go on a very special journey with a group of colleagues and come out not only achieving our purpose, but gaining some powerful insight about each other and ourselves”  Ryan DeBruyn, Visa Business Banking Consultant


It’s hard to completely capture the magic that happens at Zenergy in words.  Apart from providing a comprehensive and dynamic set of skills that can be put into practice on a personal and organisational level, Zenergy goes above and beyond the ordinary.” Sina Saffari


What I found valuable was seeing conflict as an opportunity to move the group forward, the focus on purpose and culture, and the importance of checking in.”Sarah Finlay, Auckland Council


“The passion, committment, intent and purpose bringing experience, focus and momentum to the workshop whilst capturing (intuiting, thinking, feeling etc.) and promoting the potential energy and richness within the group. this created a warm, challenging and life changing learning and experience. Most powerful course I’ve ever participated in.” Ross Campion, QuestCoach, London


Read the book –

The Art of Facilitation by Dale Hunter










Register for one of the remaining available places.

The Art of Facilitation is the first stage of the Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation.

the place for purpose-driven business


27 & 28 February 2018



Purpose is the annual celebration of the incredible community who are growing and accelerating purpose-driven business in Australia.

Inspiration is on tap, new and rich experiences are explored, amazing connections are made and new ideas are hatched.

Music, nature, nonsense, wildness, excursions, reflections, a retreat, a rare treat, brain explosions and perspective shifts, all staged in a beautiful space that we have crafted with you in mind .
Many tell us it’s the best event they’ve ever been to. Or that to call it a conference is a disservice. It’s a festival, a gathering, the ground-zero for purpose-driven businesses.

In 2015 we realised the momentum behind purpose-driven business had reached the point where a place for this community to connect was needed. In its first year, Purpose was a runaway success and is a steadily growing community of like-minded businesses. Now in its third year, Purpose’s set of offerings cater to those that are re-writing 21st century business is refined every year.

Purpose is not only for business, it’s for individuals with shared passions to get together. It helps a lot to know there are people around you who are feeling the same way. We support people to be passionate and fearless, and give them the tools they need to succeed at doing things differently. You can start building your network at Purpose.

Purpose is crafted by Wildwon ( www.wildwon.com.au ). Here at Wildwon, we’ve built a reputation for exceptional, game-changing events and experiences that create deep impact and lasting connections, for the things that matter.

Those that come to Purpose know that they’ve been part of something truly special, and we’d love you to experience it.

More info about Purpose 2018 and the event’s themes, program, speakers, community and venue can be found at www.purpose .do.

When and where In 2018 we’re taking over the epic Commune for the conference on 27 & 28 February.



Creating sustainability from the inside out


“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our stories is the bravest thing we will ever do.” Brene Brown


Dr Linda Wilson photo credit: Beth Jennings

Why I give a damn: I give a damn because I have people contacting me every day about the toxic environment they have inside themselves. Old emotions, patterns of behaviour, resentments, guilts, hurts, regrets, etc. They know these emotions no longer serve them but cannot seem to shift. I give a damn because I have seen these same courageous people change their inner environment and blossom. This then transforms the environments around them, at work, at home, socially. When we deal with ourselves, everyone benefits. In this space, I can make a difference, and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to do so.

What I do: I am a corporate wellness consultant and stress management specialist helping individuals use their minds to change their brain. This includes the latest neurological research and a deep understanding of how we learn. It is a wholistic approach to creating sustainability. Sustainability is what we as individuals and businesses need to survive – as are flexibility and creativity. We access these things through a relaxed mind. I do this through corporate training, mentoring, private consulting, through my book ’Stress Made Easy – Peeling Women off the Ceiling’, through my wellness practice in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and on my weekly radio show.

Why it matters: The only place we have any true power or control is right here, right now within ourselves. Imagine the difference we could make to the world if the best version of ourselves showed up in every situation.    It matters because when we bring more of our healthy, happy, creative and productive selves to the table what we create are happy, healthy and creative homes, workplaces and communities. There is no more blame, just taking responsibility and creating change where it is needed.

Founder Dr Linda Wilson

Where to find Linda   Website  | Email  |  Facebook | LinkedIn

#makingselfcareeasy   #itssafetoletitgo   #changeyourmindtochangeyourbrain



pst…  if you would like a free copy of Daniel Priestley’s book  Key Person Of Influence  here’s the link

Say No To Plastics : Eco Toys Healthy Lives

Inspiring Profiles

Why I give a Damn Jane McLeod

Introducing Jane Macleod and family

Why I give a damn:  I don’t want to my children to go through the suffering of an auto-immune disease like I have. I want to teach them by being a good example of how we can live a healthy and happy life by respecting and living close to Mother nature.

What I do:  I hire Eco-friendly wooden toys to my local town of Ballarat and sell them online Australia wide.  I also love to inspire other Mums to reduce the toxins in their family’s lives in easy, actionable and affordable ways.  I have also discovered that one of the most toxic things to a human is a negative thought and love to spread this message! In the future, I plan to help other Mum’s set up their own wooden toy hire business so together we can make wooden toys the norm again! #saynotoplastic.

Why it matters:  Our heavy use of plastics is having a detrimental effect on our health and the health of our planet. Wooden toys do not contain BPA, phthalates or heavy metals such as lead and mercury which can be found in varying amounts in plastic toys. These toxins have been linked to cancers, obesity, lower IQ and behavioural problems to name just a few!

Founder:  Jane McLeod

Mr Kipp and little Jimmy Eco Toy Hire and sales




Ed Im Mr Kipp wooden toy hire flatlay

pst…  if you would like a free copy of Daniel Priestley’s book  Key Person Of Influence  here’s the link

The Thinking Environment Foundation Course

Melbourne Event

October 20 & 21

Group size: 10 participants Max.

“The quality of every thing we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.  The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking”.

Nancy Kline

Equip yourself with the skills to transform interactions and generate superb connection, thinking, and action over a two-day intensive workshop.

You will learn how to practically create thinking environments, by applying Nancy Kline’s research, spanning over 30 years.

Some of the outcomes you can expect from attending The Thinking Environment Foundation Course

  • A structure to generate better ideas, solutions and decisions
  • Make diversity, inclusion, collaboration and creativity a reality
  • Have greater quality and productive working relationships
  • Create an environment where people feel valued and as a result will do their best work

One of the trainings with the best ROI I have ever attended.  Easy to implement and immdeiate results.
Egon Zehnder – Consultant

The results from some clients

  • A saving of 62% of meeting time
  • A creative agency improved its industry ranking by 32% in four months
  • A pharmaceutical company achieved a 44% reduction in their decision-making costs
  • A Research team saved a month’s work of in a 30-minute discussion.

Your accredited facilitators

Candice talkpoint_headshots_high-21

Candice Smith – The Thinking Field

Candice thrives on shifting the quality of human interaction and creating new stories for the future of work, people and planet.

She was trained by the founder of the Thinking Environment methodology, Nancy Kline and is a Time To Think Faculty member.  She works with a range of organisations and individuals in contexts of societal change and transformation, and her organisational experience spans over two decades.

M: +61 404 276 460
E: candice@thethinkingfield.com
W: thethinkingfield.com

thinking Vanessa IMG_3880

Vanessa Porter – All Of You

Vanessa’s passion is helping clients carve out the time and space to focus on what really matters to them, their people and their stakeholders.

She is an accredited Time To Think Facilitator and a member of the international Collegiate. Prior to establishing her own business, Vanessa held senior executive roles for major global companies, across industries and markets.

These include McDonald’s, Disney Stores (UK),  Staging Connections, National Rugby League,  and the Australian Retailers Association. Her focus has been cultivating positive workplace cultures and developing talent.

M: +61 408 024 596
E: vanessa@allofyou.co
W:  allofyou.co

For more information about the course contact either Candice or Vanessa and visit the website  www.timetothink.com/thinking-environment/

Download and print the brochure


Corporate $1,875 plus gst
Non-Corporate $1,475 plus gst

Secure your spot

email  diana@thetoxicfox.com for the registration form and the brochure


t.t.e fb ad 1


2016: Ethical Awards : $32,500 prize pool

Submissions Close 5:00 pm – 15 September 2016


winner announced 20 October 2016


Moral Fairground has been a driving force in creating awareness and raising the profile of fair trade, and ethical business and consumer practices throughout the local communities and business sectors Australia wide. Through their many diverse events, they have reached hundreds and thousands of people, have created a community of conscious traders and consumers, and have inspired hundreds of advocates to take action in helping the fair trade movement gain more support in the community.


This year, Moral Fairground is going to hold the 4th Ethical Enterprise Award and the Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition to recognise and celebrate Australia’s most inspirational enterprises.

The Ethical Enterprise Award is open to any existing Australian business or organization of any size that delivers innovative work with positive social, environmental and economic impact locally and/or internationally.

The winners will receive the following prizes:
  • 1st Prize: $10,000 cash
  • 2nd Prize: $7,500 cash
  • 3rd Prize: Professional business coaching from One10 founder and entrepreneur Geoff Gourley worth $15,000.
Award applications for the awards open on the 1st of July 2016 and winners will be announced at the Ethical Enterprise Award dinner in Melbourne on 20 October 2016. Application deadline is at 5pm, September 15, 2016.

Apply Here 

Good Luck


Pitch Competition for Social Entrepreneurs

Submission Date: 15 September 2016

Pitching Date: 20 October 2016

The Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition is for social entrepreneurs  still at the early stages of their business-planning and need mentoring and support so that their business idea becomes a reality.

 Why Apply?

The aim of the early entrepreneurial pitch competition is to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to present your idea to four business and social entrepreneurial leaders who are influential in the community and who have the mentoring skills and resources to support an entrepreneur or enterprise to make a concept a reality.

  • Win coaching & mentoring from mentorship from Phil Vernon of Australian Ethical and Geoff Gourley of One10.
  • Gain valuable pitching experience at the Ethical Enterprise Conference.
  • Pitch your idea to a room full of passionate supporters of ethical enterprise – who may want to support your idea to become a reality
  • Free ticket to Ethical Enterprise Conference 2016 where you can learn & build networks

Application for the Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition here http://moralfairground.com.au/early-ethical-entrepreneur-pitch-competition-2016/

Good Luck 



Moral Fairground Monthly Networking Event

FRI 26th AUGUST 2016


When: Friday 26th August, 2016
Time: DOORS OPEN 6.30pm for 7pm START
Where: Docklands Library 107 Victoria Habour Promenade, Docklands VIC 
Adults: $27.12 per person
Member: $21.89 MFG members / student concession

Light food & Refreshments will be served, together with a great opportunity to meet ‘One on One’ and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals.

Bookings are Essential – (only 120 spots available)




Ethical Enterprise Conference 2016


EEC+EEA_2016_A4 Leaflet_FA

Book now link








Networking Event: Does globalisation need to be a dirty word?

Matt and Louisa Tew work together in the start-up AwayTeam, an ethical outsourcing brand, offering life changing employment to as many Filipinos as possible, and hoping to create a counter-cultural ethical shift in the wider outsourcing industry.

In 2001, Matt  founded the web development company Intellis, with an aim of creating a sustainable, ethical working lifestyle for its remote team both within and outside of Australia.

Louisa a trained speech pathologist, an active social worker, and an advocate of humanitarian works; has extensive experience in community development. She has worked within and led a number of successful start-up social projects within Australia working with children with disabilities, disadvantaged youth, street sex workers, and refugees.

Matt and Lou share their first hand experiences working and living with employees in a developing country.They will discuss the myths and assumptions about overseas production, especially when performed ethically.

Find out how to have an ethical approach to globalisation and boost the quality of life for many individuals in the process.

When:   Wed, April 20th, 2016

Time:     6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Building 60L – Australian

Conservation Foundation

60 Leicester Street Carlton VIC

Book Online Now!

Adults: $20

Concession: $10 MFG members / student concession

Light Food & Refreshments will be served, together with a great opportunity to meet ‘One on One’ and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals.

Don’t Miss Out – Strictly Limited Numbers! Book your ticket TODAY!