Why Do I Give A Damn – Michelle Monk – Animal Physiotherapist

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Dogs In Motion Canine Rehabilitation

Because I believe the bond between a dog and owner is sacred, and  once you have experienced this – itsa love like no other. When our dogs are injured or sick, its soul destroying.  We feel helpless and responsible and just want them to get better

Why do I do what i do? Anything I can do to nurture this bond – by providing physiotherapy to the dogs and helping the owners to get their dogs back on track.

Michelle Monk
Animal Physiotherapist

Why do I give a damn – The Rogue Ginger

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The Rogue Ginger

I don’t want the next generation to have to clean up our rubbish.

I try to live zero waste and plastic free, so that I have less of a negative impact on the environment and other people. 

Erin Rhodes

The Rogue Ginger

B the Change! Be a B Corp(oration)

The B Corp movement is a systemic solution to address society’s greatest challenges by offering a concrete, market-based and scalable resolution.

Success in business has a new definition and it’s being redefined by a global movement of Certified B(enefit) Corporations. These business leaders are shifting the paradigm to benefit all business stakeholders, not just shareholders. They are voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace.

Avoid Greenwashing – B Authentic.

As the market becomes flooded with pretenders, becoming a B Corporation is a way to stand out and let everyone know that your company has full transparency and has been third party verified. It helps set you apart as a thought leader, distinguishes your business in a crowded market, and helps associate your brand with some of the most socially and environmentally responsible companies on the planet.

The particular benefits that are most attractive to you will vary depending on your industry, your goals and objectives, and where entering a new market, or planning for succession.

Australia and New Zealand

B Lab Australia & NZ had its official launch at the end of August 2014 in both Melbourne and Sydney, building enthusiasm for the movement.  of companies have logged on to check out the assessment and measure where they lie as compared to similar B Corp companies.
To keep the momentum going, B Lab hosts Morning Teas twice a month in both Melbourne and Sydney to give interested people the chance to get to know the movement a bit better and ask any questions they have in person. There is always a Certified B Corp present to give further advice on their certification experience. Check out B Corp at bcorporation.net.au and follow the link to our events page.

These events can be found on our Evenbrite page here: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/b-lab-australia-amp-new-zealand-6213342057


Follow the story of an Australian company on their BCorp Journey.

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BCorp - B-Circle-Red-Stamp


image: gratitude to Unsplash