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Clare Voitin The Providore, Swan Bay Farm and Scarvelli Cafe

Clare Voitin The Providore, Swan Bay Farm and Scarvelli Cafe

Why I give a damn?

We’ve experienced many peaks and troughs through our farming endeavours. I’ve found a purpose and greater understanding of our natural world, as well as an appreciation of the trials and tribulations endured through farming and primary production.

To see and experience first hand the challenges faced, I’ve discovered that my connection firsthand with the land and the city has given me the opportunity to have a voice and share what I believe is important for consumers to hear.

We only have one world to live in – it’s well and truly time for us to take much better care of it. It’s no longer about us, but about the future, and the generations to come.

Why I do what I do?

At Swan Bay Farm, I’ve discovered a passion for growing food. It’s what I love – it gives me energy and purpose and a sense of achievement every time I harvest our own grown organic ‘real food’. I’ve also seen how strongly this experience of food growing can impact on a child.

Why it matters?

We have become so disconnected with the foods we eat, yet it’s such a fundamental resource. We should be committed to keep these basic skills alive through our kids and for future generations. Growing food encourages a connection with nature, inspires creativity, increases physical activity and reduces stress. To share this experience with children is a most precious gift.

Founder Clare Voitin:  Scarvelli Cafe & Swan Bay Farm & The Providore


Clare Voitin and family @SwanBayFarm

Clare Voitin and family @SwanBayFarm precious to her world

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Ali Capp | Sustainable Style | Women Weaving

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IG IGD The People’s Fabric Weaver

My name is Ali and my social business, The People’s Fabric.

I give a damn because I’m not sure how not to give a damn. I used to think how easy life would be to turn a blind eye on injustices in the world however I have only been fulfilled by the people I have met on this path, who continually inquire, consider and unapologetically take action for what they believe.
What do you do 
I founded The People’s Fabric, sourcing traditionally woven fabrics through women’s economic empowerment programs in West Borneo and incorporating them into my own line of ethical homeware products such as cushions and throws. Each piece is accompanied by a profile of the weaver and an outline of the woven motif’s meaning in Dayak culture.
Why it matters
In partnership with a women’s weaving cooperative and a not-for-profit organisation, we provide pathways to financial independence for women through initiatives such as communal savings groups. Not only does this provide women and their families with a more sustainable income, it also means they are less likely to rely on other sources of income that may degrade the environment, such as work in logging, palm oil and animal trafficking.
Founder: Ali Capp

Ruby Silver | #GirlsForGirls | Education |India

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My name is Jess and I run a social enterprise called Ruby Silver that supports the education of women and girls in India. We are connected to Social Traders and Good Spender.

Jess Exton : Co-Founder : Ruby Silver with Gulafsha, Bushra, Muskan, Abdulla and Jupdta

Jess Exton : Co-Founder : Ruby Silver
with Gulafsha, Bushra, Muskan, Abdulla and Jupdta

why I give a damn

I give a damn because the girls that we support give a damn. I’ve known most of the 70 kids at Nav Jagriti NGO in Delhi since 2009 and despite coming from large families where education is not a priority, I’ve seen them fiercely strive to give their all in school. These girls are becoming an inspiration to their families and communities through their dreams to become teachers, nurses, doctors and mothers. The NGO gives them access to school but it is their determination and enthusiasm for life which is why I give a dam about supporting them.

what I do

I co-foundered and manage Ruby Silver, a social business which uses 100% of its profits to purchase and deliver educational resources to NGOs in India. My team and I manage 100% of our supply chain, from jewellery design and sales in Australia to the purchase and delivery of resources to NGOs in India, as requested by them. We aim to show our customers that they significantly contribute to supporting education every time they purchase from Ruby Silver; just 20 sales will purchase a warm blanket each for 63 children, allowing them to sit on the floor to study and to sleep well during winter.

why it matters

Giving girls the chance to attend school is not only important for them, but lifts their entire community. These young women are smart, strong and excited to learn. Ensuring that they are able to complete school and are supported throughout challenges them to dream big and work hard. It matters because these girls are going to be great.

founders names – Jess Exton and I work very closely with my business partner Yogen Kumar


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treeHIVE + Michael Norton


ed im IG IGD Michael and Fraser

What inspires me to do what I do?

I deeply care about this beautiful planet we live on, and my dream is that we can find a way for people and planet to thrive together. I believe we must evolve individually and collectively for this to happen, and my inspiration comes from helping people to live and work more consciously.

What do I do?
I’m a coach and facilitator specialising in Career Change, Leadership Development and Cultural Transformation.   I inspire and support my clients with powerful human development tools that enable them to discover their full potential. I work with a diverse range of tools and modalities including Positive Psychology, Signature Strengths, Mindfulness, the Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Nature Connection.




TreeHIVE Event
Michael Norton
Human Potential Specialist

Event: treeHIVE: Unplug & Discover Wellbeing


UNPLUG from work for a day, journey into nature & discover welling within.

Crazy busy at work? Struggling to keep up? Feeling exhausted?

For many people work means dealing with high stress, a big workload, long hours, challenging relationships and tight deadlines. Even if you love  your job, no one is immune to the impacts of stress.

Become the master of your wellbeing at work

At treeHIVE you’ll discover how to build resilience and sustain wellbeing, so you can thrive at work in good times and bad. You’ll get time to rest and  recharge, supported by transformative knowledge and experiences that equip you to feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled at work.

The day includes time outdoors enjoying the forest, wildlife and fresh air, with experiences to help you tap into the power of nature for reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing.


Date:   27 April 2016
Start Time:    9am
End Time:     5pm

Details of the Venue:   Amarant Retreat
Amarant Retreat rests in 25 acres of magical temperate-rainforest on Mount Ben Cairn in the Yarra Ranges National Park, 70km north east of Melbourne. We are extremely privileged to have access to the eco-designed retreat centre with it’s hillside views, overlooking the surrounding gardens and native forest. Amarant is literally a hidden natural sanctuary just 1 hour’s drive from Melbourne, and for one day we will make this place our home.

Venue Address:  1475 Don Rd, Don Valley
Organiser: Michael Norton
Mob: 0402 280 349
Cost:  Tickets start from $177



Super Sensitive Skin Inspires… Paleo Skincare


Crystal Fieldhouse

“I have super sensitive skin and struggled with acne and dermatitis for over 15 years.”

Failing to find a moisturiser that met my personal standards and didn’t irritate my skin or flare up my skin issues, I started making my own, with great results. But knowing the frustration, shame and embarrassment that many people with problem skin go through, I wanted to help others in the same situation as myself.

Which led me to spend 12 months researching and developing our unique range of Ecology moisturising creams.

The Ecology Creams are designed to mimic our skin’s natural oils, they are simple and made by hand with carefully selected high quality and organic ingredients. Our products are definitely outside the box of conventional skincare …and the amazing thing is they work!  We’ve helped hundreds of people all over the world, who report softer, smoother, calmer looking skin.

It started with moisturisers and now at Ecology Skincare we offer a range of simple, natural skincare products that are perfect for people with sensitive skin and skin issues like eczema, dermatitis and premature ageing.


ed im IGA Crystal Fieldhouse - Ecology Skincare mixing product


Networking Event: Does globalisation need to be a dirty word?

Matt and Louisa Tew work together in the start-up AwayTeam, an ethical outsourcing brand, offering life changing employment to as many Filipinos as possible, and hoping to create a counter-cultural ethical shift in the wider outsourcing industry.

In 2001, Matt  founded the web development company Intellis, with an aim of creating a sustainable, ethical working lifestyle for its remote team both within and outside of Australia.

Louisa a trained speech pathologist, an active social worker, and an advocate of humanitarian works; has extensive experience in community development. She has worked within and led a number of successful start-up social projects within Australia working with children with disabilities, disadvantaged youth, street sex workers, and refugees.

Matt and Lou share their first hand experiences working and living with employees in a developing country.They will discuss the myths and assumptions about overseas production, especially when performed ethically.

Find out how to have an ethical approach to globalisation and boost the quality of life for many individuals in the process.

When:   Wed, April 20th, 2016

Time:     6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Building 60L – Australian

Conservation Foundation

60 Leicester Street Carlton VIC

Book Online Now!

Adults: $20

Concession: $10 MFG members / student concession

Light Food & Refreshments will be served, together with a great opportunity to meet ‘One on One’ and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals.

Don’t Miss Out – Strictly Limited Numbers! Book your ticket TODAY!


What Inspires the “Buy The Change” Co-Founders

Inspiring Snippets

Buy The Change

Srey Oun lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

She was the victim of an acid attack 15 years ago that completely blinded her. She keeps her face covered because it is severely disfigured. This tragedy could have stopped her but it didn’t. Using only her sense of touch she crochets beautiful bags. Her niece sews in the linings and zippers. Because of her partnerships with Buy The Change and other social change based companies, she is able to support herself, her daughter and her elderly mother. She is committed to keeping her daughter in school and the Buy The Change Foundation has given her grants to help make that possible.

Srey Oun is seen with her daughter and Buy The Change co-founder, Shanan Bunzendahl in this photo.

Every product we sell is hand crafted by a woman working to empower herself and her family. With income and education for the next generation, everything is possible. Our job is to connect these amazing women with our amazing socially conscious customers who want to use their buying power to change lives.


Networking Event For Social, Impact And Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

Hosted by MoralFairGround

What do you think you’re doing?

The New Social Sector

  • What is a charity and what is a social enterprise?
  • Is there a difference and how do you know?

This event looks at ethical investing and business practice to probe the newly emerging models, the differences and challenges of different models in the social sector today. Hear from Jarrod Briffa at Kinfolk on what makes his cafe different, from Melanie Raymond at Youth Projects on the challenges and benefits of a charity and get the facts from Daniel Du Bois at Sothertons Accountants on best practice for social sector businesses.

  • When: Wed, March 16th, 2016
  • Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Where: Building 60L –  Australian Conservation Foundation
    60 Leicester Street Carlton VIC

Book Online Now! Booking here

Adults: $20

Concession: $10 MFG members / student concession

Light Food & Refreshments will be served, together with a great opportunity to meet ‘One on One’ and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals.

Don’t Miss Out – Strictly Limited Numbers ONLY! Book your ticket TODAY!

More aboutMelanie Raymond …

Melanie, was named one of Australia’s Top 100 Most Influential Women in the Westpac & Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence Awards 2012. Melanie holds a number of leadership positions including Chairperson of the large charity Youth Projects Ltd, and the social enterprise Good Cycles, Member of the Victorian Premier’s Ice Taskforce and the Not for Profit Advisory Group of the Institute of Company She is a former Chair of Opportunities for Carlton collaborative infrastructure project, Prostitution Control Council and the Victorian Liquor Licensing Council. Melanie was awarded Moreland Woman of the Year in 2007 and received the Jim Esselmont Award for Community Service from Rotary in 2010.