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The environment is a major passion
for the whole founding team.


Meet social entrepreneur & founder : Steve Morriss, Circular Food

Why I give a damn:  I read a relevant ancient Chinese Proverb just this morning –

“if we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.”

For the population of earth, where we are headed is not a prosperous future. Something needs to change. Circular Food is part of this change.
We give a damn because we want a bright future for generations to come. We give a damn because we want to “sit on our rocking chairs” at the end of our lives and feel good about being part of a solution, rather than resigning ourselves to the fact that we are the problem. We give a damn because without a healthy planet, what else is there to strive for?

What we do: Circular Food is a startup social enterprise, with the intent of reducing organic waste and improving soil health.

We take in organic waste (primarily food waste), blend it with other products such as organic compost, and process that waste through commercial scale worm farms to produce a high-quality organic fertiliser.

This fertiliser consists of essential elements for healthy soil, in a readily available form for plants.
Right now, we collect all of the food waste from a local Turkish restaurant, making it (as far as we know) Melbourne’s only zero food waste restaurant.

Why it matters:  Soil health is an extremely important issue for the world. Farms globally are under immense pressure to feed a growing population. For this reason, the use of chemical fertilisers has become a vicious cycle which farmers simply cannot financially afford to break. Unfortunately, the result of this continual chemical use is eroded, nutrient depleted soils, which cannot sustain growth on its own. This is not how nature intended it.

Food contains all of the nutrients needed to produce another plant. Food waste sits in landfill and rots, releasing harmful methane and CO2 emissions, when it should be back on the soil replenishing it for the next crop. Circular Food is restoring this natural cycle, by turning organic waste into a plant ready fertiliser.

We supply urban gardeners, hobby farmers, hydroponics growers and commercial farms.

Founder:  Steve Morriss. The founding team includes Chloe Morriss and Robert Scherini, as well as a team of other supporters.

Based: Melbourne, Australia. Our factory is in Somerton, north of Melbourne.

#innovation #foodtofertiliser #agtech

How to get in touch |  Circular Food Website  | Facebook 

#TDI #TwoFeet   TDi has been a huge learning opportunity for all of us. When we started the Circular Food journey, we didn’t identify as a social enterprise.

Now we wear those colours with pride.

The TDi team, as well as our fellow two-feeters, have helped us to define our business and our intent.



pst…  if you would like a free copy of Daniel Priestley’s book  Key Person Of Influence  here’s the link

My passions are the well-being of nature, animals, and people.

Inspiring Peeps 

Introducing Dr. Mahdi Mason 

Dr Mahdi Mason passionate about Nature, Animals and People


Why I give a damn: My passions are the well-being of nature, animals, and people.

My passions have led me to work in, and complete a doctoral degree in environmental management, start up a blog on how we can lessen our impacts on the planet, become an energetic healer and write a book on how people can empower themselves. My business allows me to combine all my interests. It aims to help nature, animals, and people. Therefore, running my business fulfils me, while also helping the rest of the world.

What I do: The Earth Healing Hub offers workshops, articles, events and products designed to give people the tools and resources they need to go out and help the world around them. It also teaches people simple ways they can help not only the environment but animals, themselves and other people too.

It educates people on how much the natural world does for them and gives them reasons to appreciate it so that they want to look after it themselves. It reminds everyone that we are not separate from, or superior to, the environment, but very much part of a larger natural system. As such, it’s imperative that we take care of everything in the system, not just ourselves.

Why it matters: So many people know that they would like to do SOMETHING to help the world around them but feel powerless to do anything because they don’t have the knowledge or resources. The information my business provides allows people to act within their own means (i.e. not costing money or much time) to help the world on a daily basis.

Founder Mahdi Mason, Brisbane, Australia

#earthhealer #powerofyoubook #lovenature

How to get in touch   Website  |  Facebook |  Instagram  |  Blog


pst…  if you would like a free copy of Daniel Priestley’s book  Key Person Of Influence  here’s the link

The Thinking Environment Foundation Course

Melbourne Event

October 20 & 21

Group size: 10 participants Max.

“The quality of every thing we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.  The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking”.

Nancy Kline

Equip yourself with the skills to transform interactions and generate superb connection, thinking, and action over a two-day intensive workshop.

You will learn how to practically create thinking environments, by applying Nancy Kline’s research, spanning over 30 years.

Some of the outcomes you can expect from attending The Thinking Environment Foundation Course

  • A structure to generate better ideas, solutions and decisions
  • Make diversity, inclusion, collaboration and creativity a reality
  • Have greater quality and productive working relationships
  • Create an environment where people feel valued and as a result will do their best work

One of the trainings with the best ROI I have ever attended.  Easy to implement and immdeiate results.
Egon Zehnder – Consultant

The results from some clients

  • A saving of 62% of meeting time
  • A creative agency improved its industry ranking by 32% in four months
  • A pharmaceutical company achieved a 44% reduction in their decision-making costs
  • A Research team saved a month’s work of in a 30-minute discussion.

Your accredited facilitators

Candice talkpoint_headshots_high-21

Candice Smith – The Thinking Field

Candice thrives on shifting the quality of human interaction and creating new stories for the future of work, people and planet.

She was trained by the founder of the Thinking Environment methodology, Nancy Kline and is a Time To Think Faculty member.  She works with a range of organisations and individuals in contexts of societal change and transformation, and her organisational experience spans over two decades.

M: +61 404 276 460

thinking Vanessa IMG_3880

Vanessa Porter – All Of You

Vanessa’s passion is helping clients carve out the time and space to focus on what really matters to them, their people and their stakeholders.

She is an accredited Time To Think Facilitator and a member of the international Collegiate. Prior to establishing her own business, Vanessa held senior executive roles for major global companies, across industries and markets.

These include McDonald’s, Disney Stores (UK),  Staging Connections, National Rugby League,  and the Australian Retailers Association. Her focus has been cultivating positive workplace cultures and developing talent.

M: +61 408 024 596

For more information about the course contact either Candice or Vanessa and visit the website

Download and print the brochure


Corporate $1,875 plus gst
Non-Corporate $1,475 plus gst

Secure your spot

email for the registration form and the brochure


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2016: Ethical Awards : $32,500 prize pool

Submissions Close 5:00 pm – 15 September 2016


winner announced 20 October 2016


Moral Fairground has been a driving force in creating awareness and raising the profile of fair trade, and ethical business and consumer practices throughout the local communities and business sectors Australia wide. Through their many diverse events, they have reached hundreds and thousands of people, have created a community of conscious traders and consumers, and have inspired hundreds of advocates to take action in helping the fair trade movement gain more support in the community.


This year, Moral Fairground is going to hold the 4th Ethical Enterprise Award and the Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition to recognise and celebrate Australia’s most inspirational enterprises.

The Ethical Enterprise Award is open to any existing Australian business or organization of any size that delivers innovative work with positive social, environmental and economic impact locally and/or internationally.

The winners will receive the following prizes:
  • 1st Prize: $10,000 cash
  • 2nd Prize: $7,500 cash
  • 3rd Prize: Professional business coaching from One10 founder and entrepreneur Geoff Gourley worth $15,000.
Award applications for the awards open on the 1st of July 2016 and winners will be announced at the Ethical Enterprise Award dinner in Melbourne on 20 October 2016. Application deadline is at 5pm, September 15, 2016.

Apply Here 

Good Luck


Reduce eWaste ReUse Technology

Inspiring Peeps

 Mardi & Cat - Co-Founders PonyUp for Good IGD ed im

Introducing Mardi Brown and Cat Harding


Why we give a damn

We are all entitled to basic needs, yet some of us spend our days fighting for food, shelter, safety, water, medication, sanitation, education, care, connection – and sometimes even fighting for our lives.

Having travelled extensively in developing countries and working to build, run and fund an outreach school in Cambodia over the past 12 years – the team at PonyUp understand the senseless gap between those who have it all and those who dig through the dirt to find their next meal. It’s impossible to ignore. It changes you.

Knowing all too well the pain point of donor fatigue, we found a way to provide individuals and businesses with a simple and non-monetary opportunity to contribute beyond themselves via unwanted, second-hand technology, knowing that this action will better the future of those who need it most.

What we do

PonyUp for Good is a new social enterprise. Our mission is to provide a simple process for socially minded companies and individuals to turn unwanted, second-hand technology (phones, iPods, laptops and tablets) into charitable currency. We collect unwanted technology, provide a free and secure data cleansing service, sell the technology to wholesale partners and donate 50% of the profits to annual charity partners. We are making it easy to be nice when you upgrade your device.

By-product benefits of this process include; the reduction of e-waste, the clearing of cupboards and drawers across Australia, the provision of much required second-hand technology to those not in a position to afford it new and a warm fuzzy feeling for all those who PonyUp for Good!

Why it matters

Each year more than 5 million Australians upgrade their phones – 48% put the ‘old’ technology into drawers, just in case. Most of them are never used again and eventually become toxic landfill. More than 4 million computers are sold in Australia each year, 88% of these also end up in landfill.

We’re PonyingUp for Good because we have the opportunity to build a business that gives to others compassionately and ethically and has a bi-product of reusing technology and reducing the 18 billion tonnes of e-waste contributing to Australia’s landfill. It’s about conscious capitalism at its root.

We asked ourselves, ‘how can we use our education, knowledge, networks and resources to build a company that directly benefits others with meaning and environmental impact?

Who are the Founders?   Cat Harding & Mardi Brown

Cat is a communications and project management professional with over 20 years experience across a multitude of industries. She has launched music careers, dressed 20,000 people for the Commonwealth Games and managed communications projects for London Underground, Pacific Brands and CitiPower and Powercor.

Cat has two beautiful girls and wants to come home every day proud of the impact she has made in the world so she can teach her children that one person with the right attitude can make a difference.
Her dream is to make ‘PonyUp’ as much the common vernacular for what you do with redundant technology as Googling has become the term for how you search for information.

Mardi is motivated by a need to contribute positively, helping drive meaningful change for those who need it most. You will often hear her asking, ‘for what purpose are we doing this?’

Mardi is a trained Behavioural Specialist and has worked as Head of People & Culture with TEDxMelbourne, and in her own consultancy has helped businesses develop strategies and standards for their own workplace cultures. With a degree in Business/Marketing and 15+ years experience leading teams as a senior marketer across HR, Tourism & Hospitality in both Australia and North America.

Since 2009, Mardi has held the role of Co-President of Act, Change, Educate (ACE), who manage the Happy School project in Cambodia. ACE provides primary education, secondary school scholarships, vocational training and pathways to employment for some of the country’s most disadvantaged young people.

Mardi loves getting her hands dirty in every part of PonyUp’s growth. Her mission: To get everyone in Australia PonyingUp their old devices when they upgrade, to help those in need!

Website & social details




New tech new life horse ponyUpIGD ed im

BROTHABOY | Opportunities For Indigenous Students

Inspiring Founders

Andrew Taylor - creating opportunities for Indigenous Community

Introducing Andrew Taylor

Why I give a damn
As a proud Aboriginal man, I have seen many young people drop out of school and lose their way in life.  I want to help them stay at school, get a job and have a productive life.

What I do
At Brothaboy we employ 20 Aboriginal School Based Trainees each year in a Cert II in Retail or Creative Industries.  The students get involved in designing our streetwear clothing and man our online and retail shop.

Why it matters 
Our trainees get real work experience that helps them get and stay in a job when they leave school.  As part of the Brothaboy alumni, we continue to provide mentoring and someone to turn to if life gets tough.

Founder  Andrew Taylor backed by Ausum Initiatives

“BROTHABOY represents the independent, innovative and 

empowered modern Indigenous community;  turning talk into action.”

A & A in Shop

Aiesha and Anika Graduates of the program

Pitch Competition for Social Entrepreneurs

Submission Date: 15 September 2016

Pitching Date: 20 October 2016

The Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition is for social entrepreneurs  still at the early stages of their business-planning and need mentoring and support so that their business idea becomes a reality.

 Why Apply?

The aim of the early entrepreneurial pitch competition is to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to present your idea to four business and social entrepreneurial leaders who are influential in the community and who have the mentoring skills and resources to support an entrepreneur or enterprise to make a concept a reality.

  • Win coaching & mentoring from mentorship from Phil Vernon of Australian Ethical and Geoff Gourley of One10.
  • Gain valuable pitching experience at the Ethical Enterprise Conference.
  • Pitch your idea to a room full of passionate supporters of ethical enterprise – who may want to support your idea to become a reality
  • Free ticket to Ethical Enterprise Conference 2016 where you can learn & build networks

Application for the Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition here

Good Luck 



Moral Fairground Monthly Networking Event

FRI 26th AUGUST 2016


When: Friday 26th August, 2016
Time: DOORS OPEN 6.30pm for 7pm START
Where: Docklands Library 107 Victoria Habour Promenade, Docklands VIC 
Adults: $27.12 per person
Member: $21.89 MFG members / student concession

Light food & Refreshments will be served, together with a great opportunity to meet ‘One on One’ and network with other like-minded businesses and individuals.

Bookings are Essential – (only 120 spots available)




Ethical Enterprise Conference 2016


EEC+EEA_2016_A4 Leaflet_FA

Book now link








Aromababy skincare inspired by the birth of a baby

Raffaele Caputo a researcher, writer and editor recently met Catherine Cervasio, the founder of Aromababy, at an event and inspired by her story he wanted to share it.

When Catherine Cervasio fell pregnant for the first time, she was concerned she would have to use skincare products on her baby that contained unnatural ingredients.

Her previous life as a fashion writer and developer of a range of products based on essential oils had given her some experience in skin care products and she knew the majority were synthetic with a petrochemical base.

Through her research, Catherine discovered many products were linked to skin complaints such as eczema. However, of greater concern was the presence of paraffin in some skin creams and bathing oils, as it had the propensity to affect hormones.

“With the birth of my baby on the horizon, these issues really set the alarm bells ringing,” says Catherine. “I thought if there are no alternatives available, then everybody is compelled to use the same kinds of products. This was the inspiration for developing something that was unusual in the cosmetics industry at the time.”

This was more than 20 years ago. Catherine gave birth to a strong and healthy baby boy, and to Aromababy, an organic skincare range for babies. She was so confident about the virtues of her products that she tested them on herself and her baby.

But it wasn’t an easy road ahead for Catherine. Along with the demands of caring for her baby, she had to raise finance, source a reputable manufacturer and, most importantly, educate potential suppliers and consumers because what she was developing at the time was so new.

She tapped into the maternity and paediatric medical profession.

“I was so passionate about making a difference that I actually went straight to the midwives, patient consultants and maternity ward managers and talked to them because their expertise is not only in delivery but also in caring for babies and mothers around the time of birth,” Catherine says.

“They were really quite surprised at my discoveries; and because I had extensive research to back these up, I felt they were listening to me, and realised that maybe they needed to offer mothers a choice rather than only the conventional, supermarket-type formulations.”

Based on her research Catherine formulated her products specifically for sensitive skin and babies – using ingredients such as certified organic calendula, evening primrose oil and natural vitamin E but with no animal products, petrochemicals, sulphates, added colour, artificial fragrances, silicone, or paraffin. Today, Aromababy is a multi-million dollar business, with a premium range of natural personal care products for both mother and babies.


RC pic 1Writer: Raffaele Caputo is a writer for Present Company Included, a member of the Briarbird team, a Melbourne-based online consultancy firm, and is co-editor of the online film journal Screening the Past.