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Want to streamline your business, reduce your stress and get on doing the stuff you love? I’m compiling (and continuously reviewing) a list of apps, services and courses to help you to make a difference.  Let’s start…



Robert Moorman


Beth Jennings 

The Portrait Store

Jason Malouin 


ed im Book Editor Jacqui PrettyJacqueline Pretty
Grammar Factory
Book Editor


Rosemary Ann Ogilvie  

Sally Wood



Looking for Images for your website, blog and other marketing collateral?  Tired of trawling through boring images – I’d like to share some of my favourite sites – with free and premium options – even the premium options are very reasonable for the awesome images available.

Social Media

If you’re looking for tools that are simple to use, have amazing output and help you be on brand – check these out …
(once again there are free and premium options)

Business Cards

If you don’t have a good local printer  (local is much better for the local community and your footprint) here’s an awesome business card supplier for you to check out   Moo .  They have a green option which uses recycled paper.


We’ve decided to use Serversaurus to host our site.  Why? Because they have a great fit to our purpose and are

  • BCorp Accredited
  • Carbon Neutral, and
  • have a charity they support

If you would like to know more about them…  here’s a link 

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