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Aromababy skincare inspired by the birth of a baby

Raffaele Caputo a researcher, writer and editor recently met Catherine Cervasio, the founder of Aromababy, at an event and inspired by her story he wanted to share it. When Catherine Cervasio fell pregnant for the first time, she was concerned she would have to use skincare products on her baby that contained unnatural ingredients. Her previous […]

Papermaking elevates social inclusion and hope

Inspiring Peeps    Why I give a damn:  Loneliness underpins so many social ills. Through breaking down barriers to social inclusion, I hoped to create a richer social experience for marginalised people through opportunities for meaningful occupation. My daughter is living with a disability, so I understand the effects of marginalisation on an individual and […]

Less = More | creating a new wedding culture

Planning a wedding? Consider sustainable, ethical and minimal options Profile Snippet Less stuff more meaning  why we give a damn In recent years, the trend towards wedding consumerism has led to many questioning the traditional wedding. With an average wedding spend of $35,000, it’s not surprising that some couples are choosing to return to smaller, […]

Field Trip | Youth | Make Your Mark

The Field Trip Youth leadership, youth employment, youth group Australia Profile Snippet We asked met Paul Kooperman at the 2015 Purpose.do conference and asked him – Why he gives a damn..   Why? Young people want to find their passion, peers and path. Young people need meaningful employment The world needs givers, initiators, innovators, instigators […]

Penh Lane | empowering people through business

We believe in honest design, fair trade and empowering people through business Penh Lane – beautiful products; handcrafted with love. Snippet Profile   We give a damn because everyone has the right to enjoy their job, be paid fairly for their time and effort, but above all, everyone should have the opportunity to grow and explore what […]

Ali Capp | Sustainable Style | Women Weaving

 #communitytocouch #womenwhoweave #sustainable #style Inspiring Profiles My name is Ali and my social business, The People’s Fabric. I give a damn because I’m not sure how not to give a damn. I used to think how easy life would be to turn a blind eye on injustices in the world however I have only been fulfilled by […]

treeHIVE + Michael Norton

Snippet What inspires me to do what I do? I deeply care about this beautiful planet we live on, and my dream is that we can find a way for people and planet to thrive together. I believe we must evolve individually and collectively for this to happen, and my inspiration comes from helping people […]

Event: treeHIVE: Unplug & Discover Wellbeing

Event UNPLUG from work for a day, journey into nature & discover welling within. Crazy busy at work? Struggling to keep up? Feeling exhausted? For many people work means dealing with high stress, a big workload, long hours, challenging relationships and tight deadlines. Even if you love  your job, no one is immune to the impacts […]

Super Sensitive Skin Inspires… Paleo Skincare

Snippet Crystal Fieldhouse “I have super sensitive skin and struggled with acne and dermatitis for over 15 years.” Failing to find a moisturiser that met my personal standards and didn’t irritate my skin or flare up my skin issues, I started making my own, with great results. But knowing the frustration, shame and embarrassment that […]