Our Manifesto 

Like life, this manifesto
is a work in progress

We are in awe of

  • the light that filters through leaves to embrace a room and welcome you in
  • the sun sparkling on ocean waves like precious gems, the crunchy sand between your toes, and the salty smell of the sea spray,
  • the shades of green and brown, the bird songs, and the smells that envelopes you as you stand still in the bush.

We love the fact that nature nurtures and heals us

we appreciate

  • food that bursts with flavour, freshness and goodness, and – the company it brings to the table,
  • that travel broadens the mind, educates and opens up possibility,
  • those who embrace life, curiosity, and playfulness.

We laud the entrepreneurs

  • who believe that profit and purpose are not exclusive,
  • who dare to care and act,
  • who have the courage to contribute to the collective wisdom and vision, and
  • collaborate with generous intent

We believe

  • It only takes one person to create change,
  • All our choices make an impact,
  • The sum of the whole AND the individual matters,
  • It is not game over, but it is GAME ON!

And we believe it will take a regenerative approach.